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Tim Thomas’ Children Dragged into White House Fray


By now, you’re probably well aware that Tim Thomas skipped the Bruins’ Stanley Cup White House event.

Also, by now, you’ve probably noticed the wild arguments online about his decision. Goodtimes.

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When politics and sport mix.

The worst yet to come of this may have already happened, and it has nothing to do with Thomas’ political stance, or even about his decision. No, the worst to come of this was the publication/distribution of the names of Thomas’ children by TSN’s Dave Hodge.

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Hodge had to make a decision before this tweet – how to claim TT is racist, without bringing injury to his own reputation. He uses the phrase “Don’t know if it’s fair to point out,” which alone insinuates that he knows that he is doing wrong. Then, instead of simply saying straight out that TT is somehow associated with the KKK, he instead publishes the names of his children.

He who would endanger the names of children – all of which are minors – in order to protect his reputation, is a danger not only to political conversation, but a menace to society.

Hodge later came out with this retraction correction “gotta try and save my cowardly ass” tweet:

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Because publishing the names of each other's kids' names online is HYSTERICAL.


I would hope that TSN will correct Hodge for this, but sadly, I doubt anything will come of this for him. I just hope that Thomas’ children do not become targets now that they’ve been widely exposed by this cruel online perversion of rhetoric.


For those who saw Hodge’s tweet as an honest attempt at humor, take a moment to reconsider.

Even if this truly was pure satire, Hodge still made the decision to place the names of three minors into a growing debate that was teeming with agitated vitriol – a debate which was becoming one of the top ten trending topics on Twitter.

Ask youself: if such an argument was over you, would you like the names of your children advertised during such a widespread and heated national argument?

Where, (please explain in the comments section below), is the humor in that?


From this afternoon’s Globe and Mail:

TSN had trepidations about Hodge using the names of Thomas’s children to connect him to a racist organization known for lynching and burning crosses. “Just to be clear, yesterday we corroborated Dave’s follow-up tweets that clarified his intention was not to offend, and be humorous,” TSN president Stewart Johnston told us in an e-mail. “While I believe 100 % in the sincerity of Dave’s intent, I also believe the tweet was in poor taste. We have discussed the matter at length with Dave. Beyond that, this is an internal matter and will be dealt with as such.”

Hodge has a reputation for being cutting edge. His legendary pencil-flipping indignation at the end of a segment on Hockey Night In Canadaled to his departure — and Ron Maclean’s arrival — from the show in 1987. We often find Hodge’s tweets a voice of wit in a storm of pap. But on this one he should be glad he works for such an understanding network. Other organizations might not have been as understanding.

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