Mike Weber Signs, Defense Gets Scarier


I’m a fan of Mike Weber.

Anyone familiar with my old blog, “buffalo74,” may remember a picture of his smiling mug on the sidebar. Under said mug, I started posting his stats after a game. Keeping track. Taking notice. At the time, it seemed no one else was. 181w" sizes="(max-width: 191px) 100vw, 191px" />

He even looks ready to kick some butt when he is smiling.

My public service is now officially at an end, as Weber has signed onto a two year deal. The Buffalo News was wise to point out that those team-leading 158 hits were chalked up in only 58 games. That’s a pretty scary stat. Speaking of scary, here is how the defense is now shaping up:

  • RegehrSMASH!-MyersSMASH!
  • Ehrhoff-WeberSMASH!
  • Gragnani-Leopold
  • Sekera
  • Morrisson

Yes, I spelled Morrisonn wrong there, but why bother correcting it? He wants out of town, and he’ll be moved. Also, don’t take these pairings as predictions – Lindy Ruff will work that out, and likely change it up 12 times a week/game. Meanwhile, holy hell, look at that defense!

I very rarely use expletives, and I even more rarely use exclamation points, but this lineup looks very, very good.

Think of Ehrhoff as a younger version of Brian Campbell who scores and hits more, Regehr as a younger version of Toni Lydman and hits more, Myers as a vastly better Hank Tallinder, and Leopold a steady and smooth Kalinin. Add the dynamo that is Gragnani, and the sometimes-Bobby Orrish rushing ability of Andre Sekera, and this unit is something to behold, especially if you are on the opposing team. 600w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Some players, of course, will be taking notice more than others.

Did you want Brad Richards? Not sold yet on Ville Leino? Take a breather.

Lindy Ruff said the #1 priority this offseason was putting together a “lockdown pair.” Our own study here revealed how our goal scoring prowess was already near the top in the East (4th overall) before the addition of Leino, and frankly, a true Cup run was dependent on upgrading and veteranizing the defense.

Missions accomplished.

Go Sabres.

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