Gaustad Unleashes his Thundersticks for the Sabres

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Tell me this guy doesn't look a little like Gaustad.

If you don’t get the “Thundercats” reference, I apologize, but Gaustad really snarfed Matt Bradley last night:

Here’s a nice close-up still of the action: 660w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Fittingly, the Panthers' slogan is "We see red."

After the fight, Gaustad went to the dressing room for attention, but it seemed to be only to see how much Panther blood could be dabbed off his jersey before he quickly returned to action. 542w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Rest, or reload them.

Besides the fight which helped cement the determination of the Sabres in front of Ryan Miller and his shutout, Goose finished with a +1, 5 PIM’s and helped lead the team with 2 blocked shots. Goose knows his role, and last night may just have been the most dangerous player that the Panthers had to face (with their faces).

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I say there's room for a Goose on this team.

I’ll cap this post off with Gaustad’s season stats so far: 1 goal, plus 2, 14 PIM’s (leads team), 6 hits (t-6th), 7 blocked shots (t-4th), and he’s doing this within the limited ice time of a 4th line center. The defense has been clearing  Miller’s crease quite effectively this season, but Goose has been a key component on offense that’s been guarding the Sabres’ blue paint. Right now the Sabres are riding high alongside their 20 goals for/10 goals against stat, and toughness has been a big part of that.

Up next: Tampa Bay – where they tell the fans to “bring the Thunder” – another slogan that is asking for some facial rearrangement from the Goose.

Keep unleashing the thundersticks, Paul.

Go Sabres.

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