stop it buffalo:

#SabresMafia: Stop it, Buffalo.

We might just have to make a “Stop it, Buffalo” series.

On the heels of the success of the #BillsMafia, someone decided to copy-paste it into the Sabres game chat and try to make it a hockey thing.



Now breathe in, and do this with me:

GROOOOOOOOAAAAN/scream into pillow

I wasn’t going to write about this Sabres “mafia,” but it’s becoming a Thing, so… here… we… go…

4 Hot Takes:

1. The Sabres Mafia is Gaining Traction

Which is embarrassing.

The hilariously NSFW Bruins blog “Days of Y’Orr” was all too happy to pick up on this copycat effort. Here’s a few gems:

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