#RR Crossing

Chugga chugga.

The Sabres removed the interim stamp from Ron Rolston’s head coaching position today. For fans, it kinda feels like the same old Sabres train just keeps chugging along. We had Lindy Ruff for 16 years, so why expect any outside-the-box/arena thinking on the hiring of a coach for the rebuild?

The lights just keep on flashing. Mine as well put the car in park, and turn it 768w, 960w" sizes="(max-width: 225px) 100vw, 225px" />

The lights just keep on flashing. Mine as well put the car in park, and turn it off.

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MAY DAY UPDATE: Brad May DID Kiss an Octopus. Sort of.


I always wanted confirmation that this really happened.

1. Brad May picks up an octopus with his stick

2. Brad May then kisses said stick

3. Brad May picks up likely the most iconic goal in Sabres history

Thanks to the wondrous social media that links us now – 20 years to the date – it’s finally confirmed. 747w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />


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The Roar of the Crowd

There’s been a lot of noise surrounding the Buffalo Sabres this season.

The team currently is maligned with a 5-8-1 record – just good enough to be 4 points out of 8th place, and just good enough to be last in the Eastern Conference. Lindy Ruff is eager to wake his team up and get them winning again, telling the media that he’s “not done trying,” and that the team will “feed off his energy.”


Another late season playoff push? I’m tired of those perennial, desperate heroics. I’m also tired of regressing players, imploding players, and players becoming busts in the B-lo. I’m tired of giveaways. Tired of a porous team-wide defensive “system.” Tired of watching herculean performances from Vanek, Pominville, and Miller get swallowed up by the game nite ice surface which seems to turn mushy as the rest of the squad chews it up with sloppy skating, sloppy passes, and sloppy confidence.

We’re all oh, so tired.

It's game 275w" sizes="(max-width: 239px) 100vw, 239px" />

It’s game day.

The fan base has been deafening in its silence at the FNC for a while now. That fact has been thrown in the face of the fans a lot. The FNC is a “morgue.” A “library.” Ted Black has defended our silence by labeling it as “hockey IQ.” If that hasn’t turned out to be embarrassing enough, he and the Sabres have continuously held blogger summits that limit the questioning to “game presentation” and to other “off ice” debate – as if any of that is important, or needs change, in any way.

Enough already.

So long as the losing culture on the ice continues, the arena will remain quiet. Stop trying to tease the fans with gimmicks and taunts. This is a sport. Not a laboratory.

No one cares about game presentation anymore. Folks just want a real game on the ice. Yea, fans are quiet at the arena, but what would you expect? How can you root for this?

Actually, the fans have been loud. They’ve been deafening.

Meanwhile, throughout this long, tormenting odyssey, they set ticket sales and television rating records. They fill up the local bars during “Hockey Mobs” and “Basement Brigade” parties.

They’ve called for the head of Lindy Ruff in droves (I’ve never actually seen such solidarity to axe the man between the fan base, bloggers, and MSM before). Darcy Regier isn’t safe from the mobs, either, so long as his draft picks don’t match up with Ruff’s system, the team will continue to lose.

They are yelling about Drew Stafford.  Lindy tells him to go to the net. He doesn’t go to the net. It’s infuriating, isn’t it?

They argue about trades and draft picks. They clamour and yell for Darcy Regier to pull the trigger and bring Ryan O’Reilly to town (conveniently, for now, forgetting that every GM would love to put and offer together for ROR, and that the Avs would be out of their minds to let him go).

They talk, they sweat, and they fret over Tyler Myers.

They bellow at the top of their lungs about how much ice time Jochen Hecht is getting.

They snap at each other about the importance of faceoffs.

They suddenly aren’t so enamored with Nathan Gerbe anymore. Even an entertaining cannonball shooting up and down the ice gets tiresome. One dimensional is one dimensional, despite the effort.

They scream “FREE GRIGORENKO!” as if the young rookie is going to change the pace, tenor, or outcome of the games. It’s something fans now must do, looking for a new identity of hope in desperate times.

They talk, they yell, they fret, and they scream about so many things these days. Sadly, none of those things can be win related.

Meanwhile, throughout this long, tormenting odyssey, they set ticket sales and television rating records. They fill up the local bars during “Hockey Mobs” and “Basement Brigade” parties.

The fan noise is there.  Hell, this team is easy to yell about, isn’t it?

But impossible to root for.

The noise is there, Sabres. It’s all around you. If it’s too quiet at the FNC, then consider that silence as deafening. The Sabres’ fanbase is makin’ a racket all across town. Once there is a winning product on the ice, all that noise will come flooding back into the building.

For now, we’re inclined to just listen for a while, if you don’t mind. Let us know when you’re ready for us to cheer again.

Go Sabres.

 Update: per a tweet from Dave Davis (of Kukla’s Korner), Black was willing to take on the hardball questions at the last summit, and was surprised he didn’t get more of them. We’d have brought some punchy Q’s, but alas, we did not get an invite this time around.

There’s always next year. Amirite?



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SUCKera: Stop it, Buffalo.


Andrej Sekera gives the puck away, half of Buffalo wants Darcy Regier to trade him for a “bag of pucks.”

Tyler Myers gives the puck away, twice, pretty much all of Buffalo wants to have his babies.


We’re here to help. Read on, share this post*, and let us restore the city of Buffalo’s renowned #HockeyIQ on the blue line. 150w, 1020w" sizes="(max-width: 298px) 100vw, 298px" />

Get it? It’s a (find the “suckera”) thinker. Anyway, stop being the mean cop, Buffalo. Also, I love Google Images.

We’ll post about this one more time, and then put the issue to rest here at BSN. Folks, Sekera is a stud.

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Whatever. We’re all going to Hecht.

Or something like that.

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Zen power (see below).

Hey, so the Sabres decided to solve their inexperienced center/crappy top PK unit probs with bringing back the same guy who possibly hallucinated himself and his Sabres all the way to the Stanley Cup last season.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.


This is a good signing. Right?

That’s the hope.

This is a bad signing?


It’s a terrible signing?


Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Obscenities and mediocrity! Fire people and tweet the Pegula daughters that we want Malkin! Nothing else! Malkin(s)!

Breathe, dammit!

 I’m not going to play the Euro card. I’m not going to play the Euro card. I’m not going to play the Euro card.

You people have no Zen power. Hecht instantly IMPROVES the Sabres. Who did you want? A 38 year old Arnnott, for 48 games, who’d have to spend time learning Lindy Ruff’s “system” and possibly costing us a game in the process? An 18-27 year old (depending on which birther you talk to) Grigorenko centering a third line* with a pair of scrubs designed for puck control schemes only? This team and its youngsters need solid veteran competition.

Heck, Hecht is the perfect guy for the 3rd and 4th line. Like it, or not: he’s consummately consistent, defensively sound, knows “the system,” and really, really, really is passionate about playing this season. (For certain: it is his last.)

So why not embrace him?

I’m not going to play the Euro card. I’m not going to play the Euro card. I’m not going to play the Euro card.


Not enough palms for my face.

Also, Euro card: played.

euro 300w" sizes="(max-width: 445px) 100vw, 445px" />

Hecht is a damn fine defensive forward, who possesses the offensive talent to produce goals from the 3rd and 4th line, or even when short-handed. Captain Pommers said he looks great, when he played alongside him in the DEL lockout penitentiary. Pommers is our captain. He’s earned it. He’s as consistent on the ice as… well, Hecht. More talented for sure, but this team must have consistent players like these for a short 48 game playoff push.

All I can say is “Welcome back” to our once again longest tenured Sabre. The only beef I have with him is that my wife thinks his eyes are “deep pools of mystery.” Thankfully, she also thinks his face is all “weirded up like a mosquito.”




No, fan HATE. Is this really a thing?

As in the title:

We’re all going to Hecht.

Let’s hope there’s a shiny Cup at the end of the journey. And please, Hockey Gods: protect his head. I do fear for him in this way.


Go Sabres.

*Yea sorry. Grigs and Girgs are not guaranteed roster spots in a 48 game season. Welcome to the playoffs, already.

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