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The Sabres/Leafs Scrum Goal: Its Many Layers of Crazy Will Keep You Coming Back for More

This has to be the play of the year for the Buffalo Sabres. 537w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Sabres fans aren't ever going to forget this incredible goal. Welcome to the Sabres' historical highlight reel, Jordan Leopold.

It’s like a really good movie: every time you watch it, you notice something new. Let’s watch this instant classic again:



Here’s a quick list of what I’ve noticed so far:

  • Foligno and Komisarek’s foreshadowing chirps before the faceoff
  • Ennis’ quick singling-out/distraciton of Komisarek, just before the puck dropped
  • Komisarek then getting run over by Foligno right after the puck hit the ice
  • Foligno willfully forcing the puck to the net
  • Komisarek regaining his feet to willfully drive Foligno into the ice
  • Komisarek delivers about a dozen swipes to Foligno’s face, as he keeps him pinned
  • Referee Mike Hasenfratz in perfect position to watch the puck – still loose – under that mass of humanity in front of the net
  • Tyler Ennis lunging forward to give Komisarek a little cross check across the back
  • Stafford and Leopold lunging forward and stabbing, almost coordinated, at the puck together
  • Leafs’ captain, #3, Dion Phaneuf, falls back under Stafford’s stick, giving the Sabres #3, Jordan Leopold, the space for the shot
  • Arms in the air
  • Komisarek slowly rising, defeated
  • RJ going nuts
  • Fans going nuts
  • Hey look! Sulzer was on the ice!
  • Foligno raises his arms in the air, whooping it up, then slowly skates by Matt Lombardi while staring him down
  • Scrivens’ hapless complaint to the ref about the whistle never blowing (Sorry Scrivens, but for once, the ref got it. He saw the puck, you didn’t. Game over.)
  • In the replay: watch Scrivens’ head darting about – he never looks down, his hands aren’t even near the ice. He never shows possession, just desperation. The first time he looks down is when he is looking at the puck in the net.
  • Shoutout from Sudbury! (Marcus played Jr. hockey there from 2005-2001, his father Mike played there from 1975-1979)
  • Mike Foligno (Sabres and Leafs alumnus icon) and family in the stands, looking stunned
  • Foligno’s chirp from bench to bench


After the game, Marcus Foligno would sum of the Sabres play of the year with the Sabres quote of the year:

“I think the ref was watching how many times I got punched in the face,” Foligno said, “and he was in awe.”

Good job, Sabres! 2 games left: keep that willpower surging, and get this done.

As for me, I’m going to watch this play again. In case I missed anything else.

Go Sabres.



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