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July 1st Live Chat: Join Us!

Cue up the Khachaturian!

We’re charging head-first into the free agent pool this summer at Buffalo Sabres Nation. I will taking part in a live web chat, “2011 Free Agent-A-Thon,” hosted by the guys over at “The Gooses Roost.

A link to the event can be found here. 346w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

We're changing our name for a day.

The Roost is “working on integrating the essential Twitter feeds into the chat, so hopefully this can be a one-stop shop for Sabres fans.” In other words, Twitter feeds are going to be blowing up as each signing is announced. This live chat will feature Sabres bloggers that most of us follow, and should be much easier on the eyes (and brain) during the frenzy.

If you are already a veteran of this annual event, well, welcome back!

We're stretched and ready. Let's do this thing.

Again, like I said in my last post, no matter what happens on July 1st, we’re all in this together come October 7.

Good luck, Darcy.

Go Sabres.

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