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2013 Sabres Preview & Blogger Summit Recap

Oh the drama that was the Summer of 2013.

We said our goodbyes to Ryan Miller on the final game of last season (and Thomas Vanek), and continued to say goodbye to him (and Thomas Vanek) when he sold his townhouse, before the draft, after the draft, and are now preparing ourselves to say goodbye to him again (and Thomas Vanek) when this now incredibly young Sabres team is failing to find ground in the playoff race come the trade deadline.

You know you'll miss his "Arrrgh I just hit the post" face. Or not. More on that down below.

You know you’ll miss his “Arrrgh I just hit the post” face. Or not. More on that down below.

And hey, we even tried to trade Drew Stafford, but that fell through, so… here we go again with another potential 30 goal season from that on again off mostly sniper. So our drama with him continues. Should be awesome. PROTIP: Go to the net, Drew.

Also, I was lucky enough to get the invite and find the time in my recent busy busy schedule to head down to the FNC to meet up with Craig Kanalley and a host of other fine Sabres bloggers for this year’s summit. A little more on that later. First, let’s talk expectations for 2013.

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Teddy Shares in Bloggers’ Passion: Summit Part Two

My apologies for the delay. Macs are great computers,but expensive when they need even the smallest thing. My plan was just to take over from where the last blog post ended, right before Corey Griswold’s question(s) that almost led to a Twitter crash ever since Beyonce announced she was pregnant.

Please enjoy! Hopefully The Buffalo News doesn’t come back on me with this post.

 The gorilla in the room finally gets some attention

I know the Sabres are going through a rough patch, you know the Sabres are going through a rough patch, and don’t worry, so does Ted Black. It was a question that we were all thinking about, but finally Corey Griswold asked it. A string of questions that all came down to why are we still watching, and why should we care?

It was like the student who stood up to the teacher in a bad (or good) 80’s movie, where everyone suddenly looked from Corey to Teddy, who started off by saying the Sabres were at ” a level of frustration….duh.”

Well, at least we’re all on the same page.

While we’re all frustrated, and bombarding various social networks about our frustrations with this team, Teddy rather we take a good look at the not so bad things in the organization. For example, a year ago no one would have thought Buffalo would have gone after two of the biggest free agents on the market….not to mention a player who waived a no trade clause to come here (you’re right, that hasn’t happened before).

Having only owned/ruling the team for ten months, Mr. Black assured us that they’re about two years ahead of where they planned to be (the hot water in the girls bathroom was accomplished much sooner than planned). He said now, on July 1st, teams are calling within the first five minutes of noon time, rather than counting the tumbleweeds that blow by. Players are wanting to come here, and not only after the big teams say no.

Short of joining the line up, which Teddy did say would lead to a hat trick, Terry can’t exactly improve the success of the team itself, but we were told ” if you think Terry’s sitting there and saying ‘ I’m not doing anything else’,you haven’t been watching closely.”

He also added in that the Penguins got Crosby, Buffalo got Pegula. I’d say we win, since Terry is clear for contact.

Mike Weber and Ville Leino are giving up hockey for DJ careers 

A lot of the question suggestions I had prior to attending the summit included asking about the poor music in the arena. Other than no longer caring whether or not healthy does, or does not, change everything, I’ve never noticed a problem with the music. It’s usually hard to hear over the cheering…or the booing.

Apparently, two Sabres have recently agreed with First Niagara’s lack of music quality. One of the bloggers brought up a mention about the music on Twitter, who was then put on the spot by Teddy, saying he wanted two songs from the user, and his name would be announced prior to playing them at the next home game.

However, prior to last night, we were at the brink where even the color of Lindy’s ties were ticking us off.

You don’t notice bad music in the arena when we’re winning. I know you don’t, very rarely do people actually WANT to sing Sweet Caroline

The beer tends to taste better,too.

Locker Room Tour

When Teddy first arrived, he had mentioned that if we ended in enough time, they would have taken us around the new Sabres locker room. I almost just lined up in the back of the room for that moment. All those fancy renovations, who cares if we were in a losing streak?

As far as pictures go, I did the best I could with a cell phone, limited standing around and ogling time, and others wandering about. 960w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

The logo that Jerry Sullivan probably still has nightmares about. Dangerously close there! Christian's sad red jersey - I'd like a tally on how many times Myers has hit his head on this bad boy 960w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> 960w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

A timeline of the Sabres history. I'm kind of short, my apologies.It was like one of those model homes. I was half expecting someone to come out of the shower...



Teddy’s Final Thoughts

Teddy was happy to share in his appreciation for the blogging world, and mentioned how other teams should embrace those who spend hours with websites dedicated to one thing, and who ” share the passion.” Just the same, we are grateful that someone acknowledges the work we do.

Journalists are totally jealous.

All bloggers that attended were also treated to pizza and beer, and invited to stay,even though the man of the hour had to leave. However, before leaving, he did leave us all with words of encouragement, and the perfect way to end the blog post:

” We’re going to win the Stanley Cup, or die trying.”


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On the Sabres Blogger Summit


Terry Pegula continues to reach out to the fans.

The Sabres Blogger Summit is scheduled to take place on Thursday, at 6:30.  You can tune into live video of the event, or follow it on Twitter.  More information on coverage can be found here.

This is definitely one of the more intriguing outreach programs that the Pegula/Ted Black regime has come up with, and holds a lot of promise for all Sabres bloggers out there – whether they be of the dozen attendees or not.  All blogs stand to benefit from a connection that should have been made years ago.

As I have said many times before, the talent level and quality of output that the Sabres blogo-rinks possess is remarkable, and was, until now, an untapped, non-networked resource for the Sabres front office and marketing teams.  Of course, the Summit does bring up a lot of questions, too. 600w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Such as, "Will there be beer?"

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