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Get Your Saltshakers Ready: It’s Slug Huntin’ Season. Update: VICTORY…?

Here’s a nice little activity for your offseason that will either make you smile or irritate you.

Either way, it’s a hockey related activity that does not involve the words “Danny” or “Briere” anywhere in the discussion. That alone would be a very welcome change of theme in my Twitter feed.

Let’s do this! Here is a screen grab of our targeted hockey heresy: 880w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Great. Even the Bruins’ alumni must be laughing at us. Well, probably not, but still, I hate to give Boston any more reasons to snicker over their beanpots at us.

Here’s a link to the above image.

Here’s a link to their “contact us” page. (Keep it classy and brief. Feel free to cut and paste this: “You have a hated slug on your links page. Please delete said hated slug. Thank you. Respectfully, the fans.)

Here’s a link to @LindyRuffsTie’s post about the “Best Christmas Lights Display EVER,” to get you all fired up and ready for action.

Pegula and Co. did a great job when they killed the Slug, going so far as to have that fun “Slug Appreciation Day.” Well, we’ve got one more little slug to appreciate. (Appreciate, with extreme prejudice.)

May. Spring is in the air, and it’s slug whacking season.

Join the coup. We shall have a Sabres victory in May.

Go Sabres.

EDIT: VICTORY! 975w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

About frickin’ time.

OK, the entire website underwent a cosmetic change, but dammit, I still claim a whacking win on this one. The last slug is dead.

The last slug is dead.

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The 2010-11 NHL Season Concludes – but Sabres Hockey is ON for the Weekend!

“Congratulations” to the Bruins/Canucks.

With the 2010-11 season coming to a close, many fans will now be waking up a bit grumpy, wondering how they are going to survive the next few months.

Buffalo Sabres Nation feels your pain, so we’ll be looking out for you all off-season long.

And hey – we’re in luck!  The Sabres Alumni Team is playing a hockey game (sometimes they do play basketball) this Saturday.  The game is scheduled to go from 7:30 to 9pm, at the Hockey Outlet Ice Complex, located at 3385 Niagara Falls Boulevard, North Tonawanda (hit the link for directions).

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