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Sabres GIFs: Ryan Miller Unleashes the Thundersticks



If there is a positive side to the Sabres’ philosophy of not protecting their netminders, it’s that it sure keeps Miller on his toes. He might be run over during any given shift. That fight bell could be rung at any time.

Well, Miller has adjusted to this part of the Sabres’ “System” well. How embarrassing was it when he simply flopped to the ice in the Lucic incident? The best retaliation he could muster was a clumsy swing of his goalie stick.  After that whiff,  all of his teammates were pretty much forced to mosey around Lucic and say “Heeey” to him.

Maybe they should have said “Ni.”

Indeed, a message was sent to the entirety of the worst jackasses of the NHL, and that message was: “If you want to beat the Sabres, just run Ryan Miller.”

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“In case of Bruin (bear) attack, make yourself look as big as possible.” Keep practicing, Ryan.

Lindy Ruff calls it “open season,” and he gets pretty ruffled when he says that. But frankly, if Buffalo is facing off against the Bruins and they know that running Tim Thomas will send the team into a spiral of losing and self-identification issues, then “getting in Thomas’ face” is waaay high up the list of  “keys to the game.”

Thankfully for Miller’s teammates, he got his own message. If you are going to run Ryan Miller from now on, forget the flop and whiff reaction. From now on, he’s going to unleash the thundersticks all over your face. Jordin Tootoo was the first example of Miller’s new hard-nosed style of play that Sabres fans have been clamoring for, for years.

Not quite sure when Miller’s teammates think they are doing getting in his way. Ryan was about to waffle board Tootoo into a pulpy yellow stain on the ice.

Still, at least he had a decent response this time.

So to those jackasses of the NHL who are lining up to take a run at the Sabres’ goaltender, you’ve been warned. Unless you want a mouthful of waffle-board, steer clear of the blue paint.

And maybe, the guys who are protecting Miller will finally learn how to send that message for him, game after game, and season after season. Until then, NHL jackasses, it’s open season on your faces with that waffle board.

Go Sabres.

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