Sabres GIFs: The Derek Roy Dazzler


Derek Roy hasn’t exactly been Bedazzling his way into our hearts this year, but he sure showed a lot of heart of his own charging up the ice to score on this nifty backhand.

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OK, so he's managed to Bedazzle at least one fan.

Roy and the Sabres gave the home fans a real and rare treat with their drubbing of the Pens. There is no doubt that this Gretzky-esque backhander by Roy will make an appearance on that “2011-12 Sabres Season in Review” DVD that no one is going to buy.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Everyone falls down! Blindsided by the Roydazzler.

(Note: if you’re wondering what the heck all this “Roydazzler” stuff is about, look no further than @LindyRuffsTie, who has really taken this quirky little meme to Wow levels.)

Go Sabres.

Update: while I was sleeping, “Tie” raised the #Roydazzler bar – again – on his blog. Check it out – it’ll melt your face, Jack Black style.

Update: Of course, there is a Facebook Group for this as well. Join the fun.

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