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#RR Crossing

Chugga chugga.

The Sabres removed the interim stamp from Ron Rolston’s head coaching position today. For fans, it kinda feels like the same old Sabres train just keeps chugging along. We had Lindy Ruff for 16 years, so why expect any outside-the-box/arena thinking on the hiring of a coach for the rebuild?

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The lights just keep on flashing. Mine as well put the car in park, and turn it off.

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The Interim


We’re all in this together.

Ron Rolston is the new interim coach, and his Sabres are currently basking in the glow of their sweep of the Sunshine State.

Rolston, as it was announced by Darcy Regier, is here as an interim coach. He’s on a tryout. He’s been tweaking a few things. Tinkering. Trying to get The Most Inconsistently Working Team in Hockey working again. He’s a very knowledgeable man, and I wish him the best of luck. But this is a try-out for him.

Nothing is guaranteed for Rolston, and the same should be said for the rest of the Sabres.

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