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Sabres to Trade Robyn Regehr?!? Deadline Day Insanity Begins


This is going to be brief as possible.

I’ve been at odds with Bruce Garrioch (of the Ottawa Sun) before. Not with his quality of writing, but with the odds that any of his trade rumors are based on any reality. Last year, he had the Sabres in on Brad Richards and Paul Stastny at the trade deadline. The logic, well, was seriously wanting. From the above link:

I don’t think Garrioch paid much attention to the Pegula Presser, wherein Pegula was adamant that there is no panic in his plans with the Sabres.  He is not looking to make a trade just to “shake the Sabres’ foundation.”  Goodness, that is a dramatic assumption.  Both Pegula and Darcy Regier have stated that if any trades are made, they will be carefully made decisions, and they will be made for the long-term benefit of the team.

Aside from that dramatic leap of faith by Garrioch, his rumor synopsis can be further broken apart like this: the words “could,” “if,” “might,” and “pretty much” provide the shaky foundation of this work of art.  Then, his argument sprawls out into a series of “if, then” assumptions, without any actual evidence to validate the information he is putting into print.  An “if, then” argument sort of goes like this:

“If there is a hedgehog in my gas tank, then my car will not start.
My car will not start.
Hence, there must be a hedgehog in my gas tank.”

In other words: if Regier has been given the green light, then he will be in on Richards and Stastny.  If Derek Roy is injured, then the Sabres are looking for a replacement.  If Richards and Stastny might possibly be moved, then Regier is going to be in on it.

Heck, throw in Brian Burke and Dean Lombardi, to add some punch.  Sneak in a “would” in the last sentence.  Day’s work done.

I think it’s safe to say that Garrioch has a hedgehog in his gas tank. 467w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Silly Garrioch. We're trying to build this thing up, not burn it down.

This year, he’s launched Robyn Regehr into the trade market. I’m not sure where he came to that one, thankfully he elided any real explanation. He simply offered Regehr up for sale in his “Rumors Du Jour:”

Don’t be surprised if the Sabres start unloading some contracts. Sources say GM Darcy Regier has been trying to move D Robin Regehr and C Paul Gaustad. While Gaustad won’t be a problem as a potential unrestricted free agent, Regehr has a year left on his contract at $4 million, making it doubtful he’ll moved.

Psst Bruce, it’s “Robyn.”

Doubtful because of the contract? No, this one wouldn’t be about a contract. Pegula, Regier, and Ruff did everything humanly possible to convince Regehr to dramatically alter his hockey career – a career in which he really wanted to retire as a Flame, and keep his family comfortable and happy where they had planted their roots. They lured him over with the all the promises that the Hockey Heaven they were building could get him a Cup, and had mutual acquaintances assure him that WNY was, after all, a great place to move a family to.

It was a huge splash. It was a move that told NHL players that the Sabres were a destination, and that they will do anything and everything to ensure their boys are treated right.

All that work would certainly go up “in Flames” if the Sabres traded away that same guy and re-up-rooted his family to another NHL town after just over half a season.

Mike Harrington of the Buffalo News touched on the subject, and briefly and professionally debunked Garrioch’s stance:

2. One year left: The Sabres have four veterans with only next year’s money to go on their deals. Center Derek Roy ($4 million) seems to have run his course with Lindy Ruff and there’s been plenty of talk the Sabres have been shopping him much of the season.

Defensemen Robyn Regehr ($4.02 million) and Jordan Leopold ($3 million) might draw interest as well, although Regehr waived a no-trade clause last summer to come here from Calgary and it’s hard to think he would agree to another move. Mike Weber ($950,000) is a restricted free agent after the 2012-13 season who’s having an up-and-down year but is liked for his physical play.

Hard to think that the Sabres would even ask.

Then again, stranger things have happened in the NHL.

February 27th is Deadline Day, but the insanity has already begun. In a season likely lost, that day should be a lot of fun and drama for Sabres fans. Don’t set your hopes too high, though. The prices for players on D-Day are exorbitantly higher than they should be, so sadly, the Sabres would be better off as sellers than buyers.

Yes, we all want a miracle, and for this #SeedsOfGreatness thing to actually happen – but by 3pm on February 27th, if you can get a 2nd round pick for a 4th line faceoff specialist like Paul Gaustad, you gotta’ pull the trigger.

It’s safe to say that’s where Regier and Regehr and the rest of the Sabres will be on the 27th – using what expiring assets they have to score some big time bargains, and simply continue to build this team up to be a true contender. Pegula’s mantra hasn’t changed – decisions to better this team through the trade market will be made to make this club better in the long term.

On the 27th, the only realistic way to get better in the long term is as a seller. And of course, selling off Regehr and his family would hurt Buffalo in a big, long-term way.

Go Sabres.


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Regehr to Buffalo: it’s Official

Regehr has made up his mind.

The Calgary Sun reports that Robyn has waived the no movement clause in his contract that had stalled the trade. It was a clause that he worked hard to earn for himself and his family, being a part of the Flames since 1999.

The  huge 6-3, 225 rear-guard immediately becomes a big factor in Pegula’s three-year Cup plan. He’s on contract for two more years, and with 180 hits and 142 blocked shots last season, is now one of the best, if not the best, Sabres defenseman. (He would have lead the Sabres in both categories.)

A Regehr-Myers tandem will be a frightening thing for opposing forwards to behold.

The thinking is over. Welcome to the B-lo, Robyn.

Purportedly, the whole deal is Regehr and Kotalik (welcome back, Ales) for Chris Butler, Paul Byron, and a 2nd rounder, but these other pieces are yet to be confirmed by either side.

It is a good deal for both sides.  Butler will be a good second pairing in Calgary, and Byron is NHL ready. In Buffalo, Regehr becomes a huge part of a Cup run.

Again, while it may have been frustrating for fans, it’s important to note that Regehr did the right thing by utilizing that NMC that he worked so hard and long for. This was the biggest decision of his hockey career, and folks, he’s got a family to think about.

So, to the Regehr clan, let me be one of the first to say:

“Welcome to Hockey Heaven.”

Go Sabres.

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