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Who Took The Fun Out Of My NHL Videogames?

Videogames and hockey: two things that I love. And the intersection of those two is something that I’ve spent way, way too much time on. Over the years, the time I’ve spent playing various NHL videogames could’ve been spent doing something productive, like, oh, say earning a masters degree, curing cancer or repainting the Sistine Chapel. Not that I’d be great at actually DOING those things, but I just don’t even want to know how much time I’ve spent playing hockey on the Sega, Super Nintendo, Playstation, PS2 or XBOX 360 over the years. Thank goodness there’s no “/played” command for that.

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Here’s your Grumpy Old Man Warning – I.E. Things are different now and I don’t like it! (Click the picture for a link to the original Dana Carvey skit)

Recent versions of EA’s NHL series have left me wanting. I mean, I SHOULD like them; they have everything a hockey videogame fan should like. They look real, have a crazy amount of different controls you can do, very in-depth features and an a ton of different modes like online league play, Be a GM and Be A Pro Mode. Hell, you even control your hockey stick with the right analog stick.

This is all designed to make you feel like you’re really playing hockey. EA wants to simulate a real game – that’s what they’ve always been working towards. This works for the Madden franchise; I’ve always found that game fun and seems to never get old. But for hockey, this doesn’t work for me.

Sure, you can do tons of different stuff but it’s all about strategy and “realness” and … well, work. It is hard goshdarn work to win a game. That’s all well and good for people wanting to re-enact a game, but where has the fun gone? 

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