Alexander Mogilny: The Lost Shifts

We have hockey!

14 minutes of hockey. Thanks, Youtube! This video has a lengthy synopsis which reads like a worthy blog post:

To answer several questions and provide a clear understanding of exactly what kind of player he was, I have compiled a footage reel featuring shifts from five NHL games featuring Alexander Mogilny from between 1993 and 2000. This footage includes many regular shifts in which he did not score goals, as well as goal highlights, breakout plays, physical plays, and demonstrations of immense creativity, structure, and control. Footage was taken from the following games:

February 24, 1993 vs. the Detroit Red Wings
April 27, 1994 vs. the New Jersey Devils
April 22, 1996 vs the Colorado Avalanche
October 5, 1996 vs. the Calgary Flames
April 13, 2000 vs. the Florida Panthers

Smart. Now, let’s watch some puck.



That was outstanding.

Make sure to also check out one of our previous posts on Alex the Great here on BSN – “Mogilny’s Sombrero Night Hat Trick.


Hockey Lore is the stuff of Awesome.


Go Sabres.



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