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Grigorenko on Potential Lockout, CSKA Moscow Offer


Mikhail Grigorenko is not interested in the KHL’s CSKA Moscow.

Reaaaallly not interested.

As we reported earlier, Grigs had received a the promise of a guaranteed roster spot and some big money from Sergei Fedorov’s team in the motherland. Well, now we know how Grigorenko feels about it, as well as his intentions on where he will play if there is a NHL lockout this season. From Sports.ru (roughly translated by Google Translate):

Forward “Buffalo” Mikhail Grigorenko said that he had an offer to return to CSKA.

– Contract nobody offered me so serious intentions to talk is not worth it. Yes, I called from CSKA Moscow, Valery Bragin and Sergei Fedorov were interested in my plans. But for myself, I firmly decided that I would try to break into the adult hockey overseas. No desire to return to Russia with me at the moment.

– And if the NHL lockout will be?

– I will continue to act in a junior league for “Quebec”. Why am I so firmly opposed to returning to CSKA Moscow? With the recent acquisitions made by the army club, a chance to gain a foothold there, I will be a little bit. Yes, and the precipitate was left on the moment when I went out of CSKA. I do not really trust it. There were problems with the coaching staff and with the leadership of the club.

– But now there was a change in CSKA appeared Fedorov, Bragin …

I would not say that everything changed. The same people were working in the structure of the club.

That’s some pretty tough talk. It’s not exactly bridge burning stuff, but a public slap in the face of Moscow’s darling club can’t be going over well in the offices of Bragin and Fedorov.

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Sergei can now tote his murse full of gold bars elsewhere.

For Sabres fans, well, it’s certainly encouraging to see the young man make an impact statement on this issue. With any doubts over his commitment now resolved, we can now just look forward to watching him making some impact statements on the ice here in Buffalo.

Go Sabres.

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Regier “Trades Up”

So,  technically, Darcy Regier traded Paul Gaustad for Zemgus Girgensons.


This another way to define “trading up” (as in the like-named new reality show): in order to get something that you want, you trade something that you have for something of greater value, then swap what you got for something else of greater value, and continue until you’ve got what you want. Start with a rusty old Radio Flyer wagon and eventually wind up with a used Harley Davidson.

buffalosabresnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Radio-Flyer-Paul-Gaustad.jpg 466w" sizes="(max-width: 284px) 100vw, 284px" />

No offense, Goose. Also, “ #SadHonk.”

In this case, Regier sent Gaustad (and a 4th round pick in 2013) to Nashville for the Predators’ first round pick (which turned out to be the 21st overall selection,  after Nashville’s season ended). Next, Regier traded that pick (along with the 42nd overall pick) to Calgary for the 14th pick, and turned that into Zemgus Girgensons.

After all of this, the Sabres still have a 2nd round pick. While trading away the 42nd pick, they still have the 44th, due to some more wheeling and dealing. The Flames’ initial 2nd rounder went to Buffalo when Regier “traded up” on June 25, 2011, when he sent Chris Butler and Paul Byron to Calgary in exchange for Robyn Regehr, Ales Kotalik and what is now the 44th pick in the draft.

As it all stands today, Regier took a “Goose” and traded up for a “Latvian Locomotive.”

Oh yea, he also had the good fortune to nab Mikhail Grigorenko with the 12th pick.

Not a bad day. Who said Darcy can’t swing a trade or draft well?

Click on the above links for full profiles of these two studs. If profiles are too much for you, then let’s talk NHL comparables. From said profiles, Girgensons’ NHL comparables are Ryan Kesler and Jonathan Toews. Grigorenko compares to a “Joe Thornton/Alex Kovalev/Evgeny Malkin mix.”

Commence salivation.

Go Sabres.

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