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Sabres GIFs: Foligno Emerges as the next… Foligno


The resemblance is uncanny.

But hey, like father like son, so they say. Still, it is uncanny how these two clips resemble each other. Hard to the net, own the slot, score on the way to the ice, get up, leap. For older(-ish) fans like myself, watching Marcus is like going back in time to watching Mike.

And it’s wonderful.




What’s even more uncanny is the resemblance. I mean, again, “like father like son,” but check out this picture shared by BSN writer Tamara on the Twitter last night: 498w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

OK, it's just the jaw and the chin. And the cheekbones. And the brow. And of course, the guts per pound ratio. Marcus' nose, so far, is straight.

Talk about #SeedsOfGreatness. Mike sure helped raise a winner, and Marcus is in full bloom now as his own man, as his own NHL hockey player.

All father/son references aside, Marcus is really emerging unto his own as late – his 5 goals and 2 assists (+5) in 6 games puts him in some elite company. As pointed out in the post-game interviews last night, only two Sabres have had a better start than #82 – Phil Housley and Ray Sheppard. We won’t go as far to say that Foligno can keep up that kind of pace, but wowee-Housley, the future is bright for the youngest Foligno.

Oh yea, he also has 15 hits.

I’ve said it before in the social medias, but I’ll record it here too for the sake of Public Record – the real winner of the Kassian/Hodgson deal isn’t any of the guys who changed zip codes. Well, actually, it is – but it’s the one who changed his from 14621 to 14226.

Many Sabres fans had grave concerns about losing the toughness and upside of Kassian. Still, questions regarding his maturity, consistency, and development are dogging him. I was worried about Kass since he was drafted. I’ve never been worried about Foligno. Just continually more and more impressed.

Keep up the good work, #82.

Go Sabres.


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