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#NHL #Lockout Tweets of the Day (11-30-12)

Some of these are funny, and of course, some of these will make you want to hit happy hour as early as possible. Happy Friday, y’all!

And… here… we… GO!


END THE LOCKOUT FOR THE WIVES! Seriously, hockey players can be freaking obnoxious sometimes (all in good fun). Which leads me to this random thought: holy crap imagine Pat Kane as a husband.

He’d get his own TMZ crew/another TMZ crew.


We know the lockout is hurting many, many people who don’t lace up the skates. This food bank news downright sucks. But, is there any hope for a quick resolution before the Holidays?



In fact, the two days of government mediation ended with zero progress.

They must have sent senators.



Also, soccer.



Here’s a touch of good news for the future of the Sabres:

grigorenko #NHL #Lockout Tweets of the Day (11 30 12)buffalosabresnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/grigorenko-300x163.jpg 300w" sizes="(max-width: 506px) 100vw, 506px" />

Possible 1st goal call by RJ: “ALLLLLL HAILLLLL Mikhaillllll! Grigorenko puts it top shelf, where momma hides the cookies, for his first career NHL goal!” Might be a couple years before/if this happens. Can we get RJ some youth serum? Anyone have Keith Richard’s phone number for his doctor? Dammit NHL, you ruin everything.

Go Sabres.


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