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Lightning Shock Sabres 3-0; Intro Steals Show


Yeah, the Sabres were shutout last night, 3-0, in what can be best described as a vintage 90’s clutch and grab performance. Usually, the refs wait until at least 10 games into the season before pocketing their whistles, but whatever: did you see that intro?

A new pipe organ. Giant Tesla coils suspended from the rafters. Are the Lightning trying to channel the Hockey Gods into their arena? 800w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

"Ooo, Tesla coils!"

It took over nine minutes for Tampa’s new intro to put every Led Zeppelin laser show to permanent shame. It was glorious… or was it overdone? You decide:

Well, we have Sabretooth rapelling from the rafters. That, and Terry Pegula, is enough intro for us. Unless Terry wants to pony up for a new pipe organ. And giant pyrotechnic dueling sabres. Nah. That really is too much.

But can we at least get a pipe organ?

Go Sabres.

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