Sabres GIFs: The Miller Snow Angel Save; also, #HappyPegulaDay, and #MiracleOnIce Day!


I know what you’re thinking.

Today, instead of checking the league standings, Buffalo fans are actually checking the Eastern Conference standings, and wondering over how the heck the Sabres are now just 6 points out of 8th.

Can they…? Will they…?

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This sign doesn't feel as gray today. It feels a little bit more blue and gold.

I dunno, but they’ve got 22 games to close that gap. Suddenly, anything feels possible again. #SeedsOfGreatness are silently still being planted while we’ve so recently abandoned them (as seeds of greatness often do), and the draft lottery, at least for one more day, seems like a thing of the past.

What a buzz! Maybe it’s the magical buzz of Pegula Day, who started this whole Hockey Heaven thing on 2-22-11, but I’m feeling pretty swell about our plucky Sabres today. I hope you are, too.

Aside from Pegula Day, I hope you also enjoy this wild GIF from last night’s Paczki Day performance by Ryan Miller. We’ll call it the “Miller Snow Angel Save,” as Millsie adds yet another remarkable moment to his Youtube career.

Beer Miller earned!

Enjoy the day, folks.

Oh, it also just so happens to be the birthday of Pat LaFontaine (1965) – his 1.17 points per game still ranks tops among all American born players, retired or active.

And it’s ALSO the 32nd anniversary of the “Miracle on Ice.

Yea, there’s a buzz in the air today.



Get ’em trending.

Go Sabres.

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