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Ways To Curb Your Sabres/Hockey Addiction In The Offseason


Well the NFL lockout is over and things will be taking off at a feverish pace. Trades, free agency, training camps – and that’s all scheduled to start this week. That’s all well and good you say, but where’s my hockey fix? (Ok, you didn’t say it, but you were thinking it. At least one of you was.)

Obviously there’s all the great content that graces the virtual pages here at BSN. Then there’s all the fine Sabres sites listed in our sidebar – check out the banners as well as the blogroll below them. Many of you are probably familiar with this, but I find that using an RSS reader lets me get at news more quickly plus I don’t have to navigate to a bunch of different sites just to see if there’s new stuff posted. Google Reader works great but you can also get apps specific to the OS you’re using (there are even apps for Droid and iOS). Just plug your favorite hockey sites in and scroll away.

If that’s not enough to whet your hockey whistle, check out this guide to a hockey-free summer over at Houses of the Hockey.   Some items include:

  • Spend the next two months playing NHL 11 for several hours a day. Watch your respect for the game’s advanced artificial intelligence grow as it rejects ridiculous trades like two early draft picks for Semyon Varlamov.
  • Drink beer. A lot.
  • Drive that one Flyers’ fan you know crazy by continuously asking who he’ll miss more, Jeff Carter or Mike Richards.

You could also think up a new plan for restructuring the NHL thanks to the Thrashers becoming the Winnipeg Jets. Next year they’ll be in the Western Conference of course, and that means more than a couple teams will get shuffled around. Will Columbus, Nashville and/or Detroit move to the Eastern Conference? Will there even be an Eastern Conference?  For example, over at Undrafted, they propose a Hipster/Redneck/Elitist Snobs breakdown of 3 large divisions. Funny names aside, it really does make sense. And at Bleacher Report the possibility of an  all-Canadian division is proposed . But you can pull an all-nighter consuming a pot of coffee and construct your own realignment in your hockey war room, complete with pushpins representing all the teams on a peg board connected with string. (What? Don’t tell me I’m the only one with such a war room.)

Or you can craft angry emails to the NHL about why we should go back to the old Adams/Norris/Patrick/Smythe divisions. Because it’s tradition, dammit.

I’m not going to to pretend that every Sabres fan reading this hasn’t updated their NHL ’11 rosters and taken the Sabres to a Cup win already, so after that you can start delving into what NHL 12 has to offer. 302w" sizes="(max-width: 220px) 100vw, 220px" />

Slug logo aside, it'd be nice to see Ryan Miller on the cover. We can only hope his play in 2011/2012 will warrant the cover of NHL 13!

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