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An Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres, Part V

Hello again, guys.

Remember that first letter I sent you in February of 2012? No? Oh. Well, most of you were traded away since then. So, for all the new guys donning the blue and gold, here’s a tip I sent  before (and before, and that other time before, and then most recently):

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An Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres (Part IV)


Hey guys.

This is my fourth letter to you regarding this subject. I’m assuming you never received the previous three.

Honestly, it was just a joke the first time (well, mostly). But c’mon guys, you’ve only netted 13 goals in 10 games, while allowing 28. Your -15 goal differential is 2nd worst in the league – but don’t let that high ranking fool you. You should be dead last.

Anyway, like I said before (and before, and that other time before):

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