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Sabres/Flames Twitter BINGO: Special Ryan Miller/@FakeDarcy Edition!

Dear Mr. Ryan Miller:

Please forgive us, your humble fans, for becoming frustrated to the point of booing you the other night. Sure, you just lost 4 straight games. You were bested by Mathieu Garon when he posted a shutout against you in Tampa. He got the 1st star again when he beat you in Buffalo in the next game. Then, that plucky Jhonas Enroth punk won a game while you sat against Columbus. In your triumphant return against the Panthers, you let a 3rd period lead get away from you. Then, you browned your overalls against Philly, allowing 2 goals before two minutes were up. Your time on the ice was up before 7 minutes, when you got the yank after the Flyers’ 3rd quick strike.

And we, the fans, booed you for all of this?

Shame. Shame, on us.

You had to sit there, forced to sulk, as that plucky son-of-a-backup Enroth stepped in and posted a shut out the rest of the way against Philly. After the game, the media got all up in your face and asked – no – DEMANDED that you answer questions about your game. To paraphrase one of your keen gametime observations: “The fans cheer when I make a save, then boo me when I miss one. Whatever.”

“Whatever,” indeed! Incised insight for all of us. I apologize for the Sabres fan base, Mr. Miller. We forgot that we pay gobs of money for your jersey, $1600 – per seat – for season tickets in the 300’s, to watch you and your fellow Sabres play hockey, not to complain about you. We forgot that we’re supposed to chirp Leino, Boyes, Vanek, Sekera, and Myers. And Tim Connolly. Never you. Oh, and “It’s the team losing, not just you.” We get it. We really do.

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The Lion's roar.

So, in honor of this grievous error, I present to you and Sabres Nation a special edition of Sabres BINGO, featuring all sorts of references to this silly one worded Renaissance Man tween-trum.

Oh, and @FakeDarcy, you’re in this BINGO too.

Everyone test those dabbers. The winner receives an apology card to sign and send to Ryan Miller. C/o @FakeDarcy. As always, click the pic to re-size (you can resize twice, you know).

P.S. By the way Millsie, I am by no means a fan of booing, as I’ve written before. Then again, stop the puck and you stop the jeers. 

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Go Sabres.

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