Sabres Leafs BINGO: Special #DefecateInTheirChapeaus Edition!

Brian Burke is a class act.

When asked about Dion Phaneuf being voted as the most over-hyped player in the NHL by a hundred or so of his NHL peers, Burke replied by saying that those who voted so should “defecate in their chapeaus.” Yep, not only brought back an old WWII insult, not only did he change [expletive] to “defecate,” but he even changed “hat” to “chapeau.”

This guy is a drinker of fine whine.

Indeed, in the days of “suck it,” “you got SERVED” and anything in the “Urban Dictionary” involving donkeys, monkeys, or giraffes, his gentleman’s way has not gone without notice here at BSN.

I say, “hats off” to you, Burkie! You’ve earned yourself an honorable BINGO board. And I apologize in advance for tailgating you on your way back up the QEW tonight – I just gotta’ know what you might come up with next.

Get your dabbers ready, folks: our winner receives a goal by Drew Stafford! (Please note this may take 1-2 weeks for delivery.)

(As usual, click to up-size, and click again to up-size again.)

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Go Sabres.

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