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July 1st Relief Efforts in Full Swing

We’re just two days away from the craziest hockey show on earth.

The circus that is the July 1st spending frenzy is upon us, as fans on Twitter have vented their anxiety by arguing over if the Sabres should pursue Brad Richards, which defensemen they should target, what trade(s) would be made “if I were in charge,” with a smattering of panic in-between all of this as UFA’s randomly choose to resign with their teams. (Thanks for nothing, Bieksa.)

During the aching hours days that Sabres fans recently went through with Robyn Regehr, at least we’re mentally prepared for whatever happens. During the Regehr Twitter-a-thon, a few of us decided to break from the conversation altogether and instead make up some pretty hilarious “where are they now” wise-cracks about former (and current) Sabres players and staff.

Also known as "Where be they at?" to younger generations.

The crew over at “Dear God Why Us Sports” was kind enough to save up all of those tweets and compile them into a post, which can be found here. Tip-o-the-sunglasses to “The Scizz,” who authored this masterpiece.

“Scizz” is a part of a sometimes irreverent but always relevant team of Buffalo Sports writers that includes “The Apologist,” “The Yachtsman,” “The Barrister,” and “Megsie.” Check ’em out, and look them up on Twitter – and be prepared for a hearty dose of shtick to go with some real up-to-the-moment Sabres and other Buffalo sports news and musings. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 521px) 100vw, 521px" />

My personal fav, so far.

If you enjoyed the “Where are They Now” post, then get ready, because Scizz has told us that Part 2 is on the way. I’m not sure exactly how far we can take this, but with moments like this in Buffalo Sabres history, something tells me a trilogy could be in the works here.

And a prequel.

Sports fans, remember, no matter what happens on July 1st, we’re all in this together come October 7. Try to relax, and remember, we’re here to help.

Now let us all join virtual hands, and pray that Ray Emery lands somewhere in the Eastern Conference, so that Marty Biron might have his vengeance.

Go Sabres.

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