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On the Rick Jeanneret and Hawerchuk HoF Induction

What an amazing induction to the Sabres Hall of Fame for RJ and Hawerchuk. Hawerchuk was always one of my favorites, but I think my fondest memories of him are for how good he was in NHL ’93 and ’94. Sad? But true.

Who didn’t tear up just a little for Rick Jeanneret’s video clip and speech? How lucky have we been to have him? I think more than any one person he is the franchise. It will be sad when he retires, but we need to count our blessings as fans.

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Best idea for a Hall of Fame induction ever.

Watching the clip of RJs calls was awesome, but the Steve Shields fight made me realize something: we have the rootenest, tootenist, fightingest goalies ever. Check it: Steve Shields vs. Sean Burke, Steve Shields vs. Garth Snow and then Marty Biron vs. Ray Emery. I know goalie fights are very infrequent and while I can’t find a stat, it seems like we’ve had the most out of all teams. Might be a good way to determine our Goalie Controversy: see who’s the better fighter. My money’s on Enroth.

The shots of Jeanneret’s family were sweet. His Mom at 91 cheering for him and kind of dancing was awesome. Also cool that the whole Jeanneret  family wore white jerseys with the number 40 on them – for the 40 years of calling games. I couldn’t figure out what the “PxP” stood for though  –  @slackin pointed out to me it was for “Play by Play”, duh! And the hand-crafted real steel sabres that Hawerchuk and RJ got, combined with the display of crossing the swords? A simple idea yet brilliant.

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Last but not least is the new Book of RJ shirt that Hockey Heaven came out with. Today only they’re putting it on sale for $15. I know, they’re a sponsor and yes I am panning for them. But I’m proud to do so, as we loved Hockey Heaven before they were a sponsor will continue to pimp them even after they are (well, hopefully they stay a sponsor forever!). Heck, I’m a proud owner of one of these myself. How better to honor the voice of the organization? This shirt is good… scary good.  

Thanks to Rick for all the work over the years, all the laughs and all the memories. Hopefully there will still be many more to come!

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Dale Hawerchuk & Rick Jeanneret Sabres Hall Of Fame Induction (Video)

In case you missed it:

Congratulations to Dale and Rick on their long-due inductions. And fans, remember to soak up every call by RJ this season.

buffalosabresnation.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/RJ.jpg 320w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Every call.

Go Sabres.

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