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Sabres GIFs: Miller goes “Under the Fridge”


OK, so this GIF is “under construction.”

There aren’t many highlights on Youtube this morning, which makes GIF construction very difficult. There’s only one Youtube highlight actually – Miller’s stretch-pad save on Corey Perry’s wrap-around (unless you count all the fight videos from last night – I don’t count ’em as hockey highlights these days).

Still, there was one save of Miller’s that I did not want to see slip away into ungiffed oblivion.

At 17:29 of the 2nd period, there was a scrum in front of the net as Bobby Ryan tried to lift the puck up over a sprawling Miller. Ryan was foiled by Miller’s “reach under the fridge with a ruler to retrieve the cat toy” save. It’s a patented Miller save, actually. At least it is, now:

Heck, all he needed in his glove hand was a flashlight.

We’ll try to transform this into a GIF as soon as possible (Youtube hacks, get to work on that uploading)!

Go Sabres.

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