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2013 Sabres Preview & Blogger Summit Recap

Oh the drama that was the Summer of 2013.

We said our goodbyes to Ryan Miller on the final game of last season (and Thomas Vanek), and continued to say goodbye to him (and Thomas Vanek) when he sold his townhouse, before the draft, after the draft, and are now preparing ourselves to say goodbye to him again (and Thomas Vanek) when this now incredibly young Sabres team is failing to find ground in the playoff race come the trade deadline.

You know you'll miss his "Arrrgh I just hit the post" face. Or not. More on that down below.

You know you’ll miss his “Arrrgh I just hit the post” face. Or not. More on that down below.

And hey, we even tried to trade Drew Stafford, but that fell through, so… here we go again with another potential 30 goal season from that on again off mostly sniper. So our drama with him continues. Should be awesome. PROTIP: Go to the net, Drew.

Also, I was lucky enough to get the invite and find the time in my recent busy busy schedule to head down to the FNC to meet up with Craig Kanalley and a host of other fine Sabres bloggers for this year’s summit. A little more on that later. First, let’s talk expectations for 2013.

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SEASON PREVIEW: The 1st 10 Games Might be Kinda Huuu-jah

Free Fuccillo plug in the title?

I’m going to Hell.

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He’s going to yell at us all season long.

Also, healthy changes something. I won’t tell you what. Don’t want to spoil it.

I wonder what other hockey commercials we’ll see during game one that we will then see 3 times a game, every game, until the end of the season. That’s one of the best/most underrated parts of game one – all the fresh ads haven’t driven you to drink (more) during hockey games yet. Beer times three is good for me. Amirite?

Sorry for all the above. Moving onto actual analysis now.

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