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Brett Hull Tweeted.


In case you haven’t heard already – this story has now been on the local TV morning shows – Brett Hull recently jabbed Sabres fans with the following tweet: 300w" sizes="(max-width: 435px) 100vw, 435px" />

It's the "hugs and smooches" that got under my skin, initially.

Here’s his “new pic” (his Twitter avatar), enlarged for your enjoyment: 150w, 498w" sizes="(max-width: 298px) 100vw, 298px" />

Don't let him get to you, folks.

We all remember 1999. We all remember “no goal.” It’s what we do: we remember this event, because, well it was a big deal, but it also happened almost 13 years ago. It’s been a long time since it happened. I think it’s safe to say that we’re over it, and my, how things have changed. We’re into something new in town, you know, this Pegula Fever that’s taken over every hockey household in WNY and beyond. Dallas is into something new too – nowadays they’re the ones with ownership problems.

I look at that picture again, and I see a snarky smile on an aging icon. Hull’s poking fun, sure. He’s having fun. And why not? Isn’t it time we let go of this supposed controversy and got on with ourselves?

Even here on BSN we’ve lightened up about this already. We had our fun with the ol’ “no goal” during our “Summer Awards” series. Remember “the Dirty Brett?” Goodtimes:

Buffalo will never get a chance to have revenge on Hull, but he at least is the inspiration behind today’s award, which goes to the player “most hated by Sabres fans, and who causes the most anger and/or sadness through their distasteful decision to continue to exist.”  We’ll entertain two categories here: the “Permanently Loathed” sect and the “Reproachable Act” sect (who will be represented by players who slapped Buffalo fans around specifically in the 2010-11 season).

Danny Briere was our winner (over Chara, Eric Staal, and Danny Carcillo). Briere! Yea, I think we’ve adjusted the trajectory of our player hatred in this town.

Beyond the many seasons and years that have passed since “no goal,” are three important facts.

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