Biron versus Emery:

Stoking The Flames Of the Sabres/Senators Rivalry

The Buffalo Sabres face off against the Ottawa Senators Tuesday night – the third game of the season against them. I feel that “hate” is sort of a strong word for a sporting event, but I think we have a pretty heated rivalry going and think it might be fun to stoke those flames a little more.

Ottawa isn’t doing great this year, but they’re doing a heck of a lot better than last year when they finished last in the Northeast division with a 32-40-10 record and 74 points. This year they’re a respectable 13-13-4 and 30 points, on pace for 90 points for the year – but are a -14 overall.

The Sabres have won first two games against Ottawa, one in regulation and one via shootout, but surely the Senators smell blood in the water with all the recent injuries to our boys. It’s no playoff game but pretty important as the Sabres sit at 32, only two points ahead of Ottawa in the division. And the Sabres have to keep pace with reawakened Boston and out-of-nowhere Toronto.

If we needed a pump up video, this one couldn’t get any more better (and yeah, I’m aware of the inherent grammar badness in that sentence) – the 2007 brawl where Marty Biron bravely took on Ray Emery:

I know, I linked it Saturday, but I could watch this over and over.

Ok, enough fisticuffs. Howsabout a pretty goal? Pominville’s OT game winner in the the 2005-2006 playoffs against Ottawa sent the Sabres into the Eastern Conference Finals against Carolina. That didn’t quite go our way, but that goal was a sweet capper of a hard-fought series:

A shorthanded goal in game seven to win it? Those Ottawa fans cannot like us. It’s nice to be on the better side of at least some rivalries lately.

Now for the stories of several Sabres fans and how they felt in the moment that goal was scored. Hockey Heaven put together some great clips of fan reaction years later. Roll the highlight reel:

The origin of the classic call: “Oh, now do you believe? Now do you believe? These guys are good, scary good.”

You may want to watch any or all of the above again right before the game for full effect.

Let’s Go Buff-a-lo!

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