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#Bills Week 2 BINGO, plus an Obligatory Drinking Game #BecauseItsBuffalo

Welcome to week 2, Bills fans.

And welcome to our 1st ever edition of Bills BINGO!

I think we all need a little levity after last week’s debacle, and it’s ensuing debacles. Rodney Harrison, and “The Losing Disease” were just two of the more idiotic “media” BS sentiments that Bills fans have had to endure over this past week. Don’t worry folks, Sunday will be here before you know it.

Of course, the real tragedy of the week was the murder of Marcell Dareus’ brother. Thoughts and prayers to him and his family. I can’t believe he’s supposed to be on the field on Sunday. Safe to say all the fans will have Marcell’s back.

This week’s winner receives a signed James Hardy jersey (after the Bills grab him when Stevie Johnson inevitably surrenders to his groin). Well that sounded wrong. The Stevie Johnson part sounded a bit wrong, too.

Oh, also there’s some drinking game fun in those squares, so good luck with your hangovers tomorrow.

Now go buy a dabber. And good luck.

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Go Bills. 4 EVER. #BecauseItsBuffalo

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