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The Best Part about the #NHL #Lockout: Backyard Rinks


The MSM (mainstream media) is going to be inundating you with updates from the NHLPA on how much money the NHL is costing the players, and with updates from the NHL with how much the NHLPA is costing teams. Greedy bastards.

Still, “greed works,” (so long as we don’t mind the occasional recession/depression/lockout, and the lockout WILL end, eventually. Eventuaaaaaaly). But hockey is happenin’!  Just today the Sabres themselves tweeted that they are currently installing the fan bricks at the FNC:








Amazing how hokey-jokey-hockey-related goodtimes are still happening amongst the Sabres Twitterati.

Still, if you haven’t bought a (golden? They’re pretty damn pricey) brick to help build the FNC while the sport locks you out, you still can think about Amerks tix at the FNC or a new Steve Ott jersey – or you can put your wallet back in your pocket, and then pull that wallet out again to purchase nothing more than that backyard rink you’ve always dreamed of.

Which would be awesome. 768w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Lockout/KHL/Euro leagues say those boards need to extend to the fences, guys. Also, nice freakin’ Zamboni. Love the leaf/ice collector attachment.

We’re on the verge of regular season games being cancelled.

The season is currently in jeopardy.

This has happened before, and recently – 3 lockouts and a strike since ’92.  But who’s counting? Those are absurd stats. Those are abusive stats. And yet we (the fans) come back for more (and buy FNC bricks)?

I’ll see the real hockey fans at Lowe’s this season – perhaps the greatest NHL season (since 2005) of all – The Season of the Backyard Rink.


Tell your family and friends. The NHL, NHLPA, Sabres, Pegula and Co. cannot lockout Hockey Heaven.

I’ll see you at Lowes. (Here’s John Bucci’s post on how to construct a backyard rink with love and hardware. One of my personal fav’s.

In the end, the outcome of the lockout is not up to fans. Fans, however, will choose where their hockey money goes. Would you rather hold onto your dollars for Sabres tix-n-merch-n-such, or put your money aside for a glorious, awesome, possibly once-in-a-lifetime backyard rink?

This Winter, we can all be Wayne Gretzky. Bless you, NHL/NHLPA. Bless you.

You bastards.




Go Sabres.






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