The Pominville Injury: Update


Pominville is on schedule.

Thanks again to Abby Corsun Sims (MS, PT) of “ for her advice on what poor Pommers has been going through during the summer and what to expect throughout his recovery. In case you missed it, we had a conversation with her here on Buffalo Sabres Nation a little while ago.

Pommers1 300x217 The Pominville Injury: Update

It's been a long road of recovery for Jason, but things are looking up for him now.

We concluded that post by reminding folks that with this type of slow-rehab injury, the best news is no news. Well, he’s progressed to a point where we’re now getting updates on his recovery. During a press conference addressing the signings of Matt Ellis and Andrej Sekera, Darcy Regier had this to add about Pominville (compliments to Black and Blue and Gold for wrapping up the presser on their site):

Probably the most important comment of the night came when the general manager was asked about Pominville’s progress rehabilitating from his horrific injury. Asked if he expected the forward would be ready to go at the beginning of training camp, Darcy said, “We do. Everything is on course and we expect him ready to go.”

For more on the Sekera and Ellis signings, bang on that link to BBG.

Go Sabres.

See also: “The Pominville Injury,” Regier Chats about Contracts, Coaches, and Pominville’s Rehabilitation (from Black and Blue and Gold)” (more…)

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When Sports Fans Go Bad


Ever get so pissed off at a game at a fan cheering or doing things that you want to take a swing at them? I have.

Buffalo sports fans can be loud. We take a great amount of pride in this. Our boisterousness can also be taken as rudeness in other teams arenas.

I’ve seen it, and it happens in our barn too (damn Leafs fans jump to mind). You have a couple beers, you want to root for your team and sometimes it gets taken a little bit too far. It happens, it’s sports. And it’s alcohol. Mix the two and people can easily get carried away.

thursdays dar 281 202x300 When Sports Fans Go Bad

Sports energy and cheering gone wrong. Way wrong.

I’ve written before that I’ve attended lots of Bluejackets games in Columbus. I’ve been to every regular season Sabres game at Nationwide Arena and each time it seems like Sabres fans own the place. Of course we’re louder than the home team and it makes sense: the more “determined” fans are the ones who will travel to away games. The hardcore if you will.

Plus those hardcore fans feel like they have to represent and make noise in the opposing arena. I get it, and I actually like it. I love making noise myself. As a Buffalo sports fan, I’ve made a science out of being able to produce as much noise as I possibly can. (A good shout comes from the diaphragm.)

But some fans take it too far. Case in point was the last game of the 2010-2011 season, Buffalo at Columbus. During the national anthem there was a guy several rows behind us who was making fireworks sounds … during the entire anthem. (more…)

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Have the Sabres Become the new New York Rangers?


I’ll give you a moment to wipe the spit-take off of your face.

Now that the Buffalo Sabres have become big time spenders in order to become big time contenders, the perception of this team and its management is going to change. Sure, it’s not like anyone ever has anything nice to say about the Queen City anyway, but get yourselves ready to hear “You guys are trying to buy a Cup, so laaaame” all over the internet.

new york rangers and buffalo sabres new era hats1 300x227 Have the Sabres Become the new New York Rangers?

This image is just plain creepy.

Frankly, the teams now bear a lot of similarities. Both now have a young core that was weaned from the draft, and both have over-spent to hopefully bolster their lineups on July 1st.

In order to assess how Sabres fans feel about this troubling comparison, I did some very scientific research: I consulted the Twitter. Here’s a few gems from the Sabres Nation Twit Poll:

  • @Sabrefreakydeak: Yes & No> Yes: TPegs flexing financial muscle. No: Nobody can make idiotic decision quite like the tandem of Dolan & Sather.
  • @MintyP69:  no, because the talent we bought into isn’t here because of our name & they are still in their prime
  • @MusingMaryAnn: Think of it as trying to catch up with the rest of the League who had a jump on us in the past. Spending money is new!


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World Cup Weekend!


We apologize for the lack of posts this weekend.

But there is something huge going on here.

The United States Women’s National Team is going to battle Japan for the World Cup today. This is a big deal, whether you like soccer or not.

HopeFreakinSolo 300x199 World Cup Weekend!

We have Hope on our side.

That’s Hope Solo – our all-world keeper. The nation is falling in love with her, as well as with her mates on the field. A quick Twitter guide:

Check ‘em out, folks. You’ll be pleased with their WNY connections.

And don’t forget, we have our own mighty pitch here in Buffalo – FC Buffalo, to be precise.

Support the girls. Support your local team. This is a big thing – most of our kids play this sport, and most of us grew up playing it, too. It’s about time we all clamored around the TV for a taste of the beautiful game.

And a shot at Glory.


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The Pominville Injury


Folks are worried about the population of Pominville.

At least, my Twitter account says so. I keep getting a messages inquiring on the status on Pominville since he left the ice, and the 2010-11 season, on this play.

Terrible. I prefer to remember Jason’s 2010-11 campaign with this play. Smart. Nose for the net.

PommersInBetterDays 300x199 The Pominville Injury

Game 5: before the injury.

Trust me, folks, I would love to know exactly how he is doing right now. But hey – I don’t have the credentials to access him on his Barcalounger.

barcalounger 220x300 The Pominville Injury

Thank god for instructions.

Still, due to the inquiries on his status, I did my best to find out what is going on with Pommers. I can’t get in the training/Barcalounging room, but Abby Corsun Sims (MS, PT) of “” filled me in on what to expect regarding his recovery.

Her Hockey Credentials:

I took care of Ron Duguay, (then of the NYRangers) when he suffered (a similar) injury in the very early 80’s. His was only partially cut through, but the injury was significant. Unbelievable as it sounds, they just sewed Ron up in the locker-room!

What to expect:

Recovery from surgery to repair takes the timeframe you mentioned for a variety of reasons.  The initial 6-8 weeks is solely to allow for a healing response.

And the minutia you might like to know:

The tissue has to mend and the repair must be protected. The patient is casted in a position that puts the tendon on a mild stretch with the ankle essentially in a neutral position.  Crutches are used to ambulate, and the limb is non-weightbearing.  Once the cast comes off, a walking boot (CAM walker) is used and weightbearing is gradually restored. Of course, there is significant muscle atrophy & weakness in the lower leg to address with a strengthening program. Patients should have been performing some non- weightbearing exercises for muscles of the hip/thigh from the outset to prevent unnecessary reconditioning.

Another major goal of rehab is to restore the range of motion in the foot and ankle. The presence of swelling and prolonged positioning in the cast and boot causes loss of mobility that must be addressed.

The surgery that was performed to repair the tendon, along with the protracted period when it was kept from stretching,  also causes it to shorten. Another focus of treatment is to restore flexibility. Additionally, balance will be affected and requires attention.

If a tendon is severely frayed or retracted (it kind of shrinks from both sides after being completely ruptured), approximating the ends during a repair can cause it to be even shorter.  The clean cut likely with Pominville’s injury probably makes this less of an issue , especially if his surgery was performed promptly.

Lastly, movement must be incorporated into the rehab program. Agility and power must be addressed.

Complications can occur if the repair is improperly done, if it is stressed too soon , if the rehab  program progresses too quickly or if the integrity of the tissue is an issue.  If ankle mobility is not sufficiently restored it will limit flexibility of the calf/Achilles.

Most Achilles repairs do very well, and hopefully, Pominville will be good to go for next season.

Every injury of this nature, of course, is different, and offers doctors, patients, and fans scores of reasons to be frustrated and impatient regarding recovery time. Still, all we can do is give it time, and send Pommers some good vibes.

In the meantime, the best news is no news. So far so good.

Go Jason.

Go Sabres.


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