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Grading the Lockout: Pegula earns a Passing Grade


With that hideous lockout thing finally over, it’s time to deal with our conflicting emotions: do we return to the FNC? Do we re-up with NHL Center Ice? Do we buy tickets? Do we boycott the first game?

Folks, it’s time to move on.

The Internet fan petitions didn’t stop this thing. Our laments on Twitter went unheard. That YouTube video from the father son duo (wherein the father had terminal cancer) did nothing to get the NHL or NHLPA moving. I said this at the beginning of the lockout: “Even if a (fan) petition was signed by terminal cancer patients, all it could possibly garner from the NHL is something like a quick ‘Thanks for your passion’ statement.”

And yes, we learned that Derek Roy’s Ferrari is loud when he starts it. Evander Kane has a cellphone (and iPad) made of wads of hundred dollar bills.

Don’t stop enjoying hockey now. Go to the games. Don’t boycott anything. Have fun. Dream of a Cup.

But none of this is news. None of it is surprising. The NHL is all fun and games between CBAs, but when it comes to the lockouts, we are reminded that it is also an grossly obese animal that requires an incredible diet of cash to stay happy. Again, not news, but it is what it is.

This just part of the process and price we pay to see the best in the hockey loving world skating in Buffalo, NY.

It’s time to move on, and enjoy the game again.

As for Pegula – yes, he voted (as all the owners did) to go ahead with Gary Bettman’s lockout. However, he also:

  • Kept everyone on staff
  • Erected the French Connection Statue
  • Held the innovative “Sabres University”
  • Is helping to rebuild Buffalo
Pegula Grading the Lockout: Pegula earns a Passing Grade

This guy gets an A+ in my book.


This lockout will continue to sting for a while, but those emotions will pass. They always do. Bettman called us “The best fans in the world” for our tendency to return to the game. Hey, he’s an idiot. Whatever. The fact is, we never left the game. Hockey has continued all over the city during the lockout.

Don’t stop enjoying hockey now. Go to the games. Don’t boycott anything. Have fun. Dream of a Cup.

And if you see Pegula, shake his hand. He’s done a lot in the Queen City already, and without a doubt, he’s got more for us on the way.

Go Sabres.


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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: Sabres Prospect Knows his Boobs


So what if the lockout is over.

This is priceless.

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5 Big Reasons You should Tune in to Every #Sabres Game this Season


Well, I’m back.

Blogging about… the NHL. I feel so dirty. Whatever. It’s time to put the lockout behind us and talk puck. Here’s a good starting point: 5 big reasons why you should tune in to every Sabres game this season.

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BSN Poetry SLAM! #BecauseItsTheLockout


I love this tag cloud.

Courtesy of Wordle:

BSN tag cloud BSN Poetry SLAM! #BecauseItsTheLockout


1. Bills 90’s, y’all

Hell yea!


2. Generation tourniquet twist?

I think that pretty much includes alllllll of the sports fan Buffalonians. But especially this poor guy:

RJ troubles1 BSN Poetry SLAM! #BecauseItsTheLockout

The Greatest Silence. Damn you, lockout. Damn you for silencing one of the greatest poets of hockey lore. Damn. You.


3. Cartoon Bettman stupidity OK weekend, END SPORT?

The stuff of prophecy. I am Macbeth’s witches. Heed me or die, hockey fans. (“Heed me” means send me beer money . Or die.)



YES. A THOUSAND TIMES YES. Not that anyone cares about what the fans say. Or what they pay for parking. Or what they pay for parking if there’s a compressed season of like 12 home games in one freaking week. Cry me a river about how the owners feel about the guy they hired to make CBA’s that they can loophole.

These days, that is all the NHL is – loopholes and future loopholes. This can’t be legal. But it is.

The NHL has incarcerated its fans with this firestorm inquisitor of hockey long enough. Cut off the head of the damn snake. Let hockey live. LET IT LIVE.

And of course…


5. Good fans.

I told you I loved this tag cloud.

Though, this should be #1. Ah well… #BecauseItsBuffalo



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#NHL #Lockout Tweets of the Day (11-30-12)


Some of these are funny, and of course, some of these will make you want to hit happy hour as early as possible. Happy Friday, y’all!

And… here… we… GO!


END THE LOCKOUT FOR THE WIVES! Seriously, hockey players can be freaking obnoxious sometimes (all in good fun). Which leads me to this random thought: holy crap imagine Pat Kane as a husband.

He’d get his own TMZ crew/another TMZ crew.


We know the lockout is hurting many, many people who don’t lace up the skates. This food bank news downright sucks. But, is there any hope for a quick resolution before the Holidays?



In fact, the two days of government mediation ended with zero progress.

They must have sent senators.



Also, soccer.



Here’s a touch of good news for the future of the Sabres:

grigorenko #NHL #Lockout Tweets of the Day (11 30 12)

Possible 1st goal call by RJ: “ALLLLLL HAILLLLL Mikhaillllll! Grigorenko puts it top shelf, where momma hides the cookies, for his first career NHL goal!” Might be a couple years before/if this happens. Can we get RJ some youth serum? Anyone have Keith Richard’s phone number for his doctor? Dammit NHL, you ruin everything.

Go Sabres.


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