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BREAKING: Bills Season Saved


I finally found this guy!!

TheOldCollegeTry 300x225 BREAKING: Bills Season Saved

“Push ‘em back, push ‘em back, waaaaaaay back!”


The Garfield lucky charm was lost when the Bills were once 5-1. You all know what happened after that.

Oh, Brady gonna’ get DESTROYED today.

Go Bills.

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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day (10-30-12)


It’s sad because it’s true:

Maybe RJ is using this time to prepare some legendary game calls. Who am I kidding? He’s probably out fishing with Jim Lorentz.


I’m sorry.

I said I’m sorry!

tear in beer 300x180 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day (10 30 12)

Artist’s interpretation of the reading of the tweet.

So much sad. Good lord, this lockout is boring. Hmm. Brings up a random thought: I wonder what it sounds like when Jeanneret yawns? I bet he even makes his yawns pretty damn exciting.

Go Sabres.




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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: 10-23-12


Lockout? Who cares?

It’s Hockey Day in Buffalo! If you’re heading to the game, it might be a good idea to give yourself a refresher on the Amerks’ jersey numbers. Don’t leave your Hockey IQ at home.

Meanwhile, there’s this:

in mother russia #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: 10 23 12

And don’t tell me you’ve never heard of the “In Mother Russia” jokes before. These things are old. Stick tap to Yakov Smirnoff (yes, it was that guy) for launching this fun antimetabole (what?) meme waaaay back in the 80’s.

In America, you break law.

In Soviet Russia, law breaks you!

Funny stuff for the ages. (Meanwhile, in 80’s America, we were launching the high tech Max Headroom revolution. Yikes.)



Max Headroom… some memes were meant to stay in the 80’s.

Anyway, enjoy the game! See ya at the Swannie.

Go Sabres Amerks.


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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: #SabreSIM2012!


I clearly need more hashtags in my titles.

Workin’ on it.

Actually, this is not the tweet of the day. This is here for comparison purposes, and also for educational purposes. Since you now have loads of time on your hands (lots and lots of sad, lonely time) not watching hockey, go ahead and look up “Godwin’s Law.” It’s an awesomely fulfilling way to kill a stupid online argument (of which there are about a billion a day). Also, you will know what it means when I cite it when you are having a stupid online argument with me.

It happens.

On with the show:

SIMScott has 21 followers.

If you don’t know what the hell this is all about, head on over to Trending Buffalo and check out their efforts with #SabreSIM2012: a PS3 based simulation of the Sabres regular season, including media/blog coverage, game recaps, and everything else to make this silly sad situation silly and actually… fun.

There’s me again!

Of course, not everyone can get “IN THE GAME.

I’m finally sold: Mike Harrington is a real dick sometimes. Also juvenile: when Harrington engages fans and/or bloggers in heated debates over who has more followers.

Not nice, Mike.

I called him out on this whole “not nice” thing, and this is what I got in return:

harrington #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: #SabreSIM2012!

I am not a self-appointed expert. I am a self-appointed Internet argument MEDIATOR Mike, get it right.

In the end, Mike and I had a nice chat about trolling (likely after he saw my follower count was higher than 200), about responding to profane tweets without playing the role of the Twitter bully (i.e. acting with professional leadership), and about how social medias can get everyone all antsy in the pantsy.

Godwin’s Law was never cited.

Where the hell was I going with this post?

Oh yea – how about that SIM account pic? That’s my first avi that I used on Twitter. Warm fuzzy memories. I was new to the Twit-game then, and shy, having to hide my emotion behind gigantic glasses. So, which Avi wins? Original Avi, or the current Windswept-Pre-NHL-Lockouts-Me?

Whatever. All of the above are tweets of the day. Everyone wins the lockout tweet of the day thingy.

I need to get the hell out of this ridiculous lockout post now.

Go Sabres.



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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: The French Connection, AND the Ryan Miller Statue?


Because they’re both bronze. I think.

french connection statue #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: The French Connection, AND the Ryan Miller Statue?


miller bronze #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day: The French Connection, AND the Ryan Miller Statue?

He’s flexible enough to reach his own back.

Miller gettin’ bronzed! And there you have it, Sabres fans: hockey news, in October of 2012, is as statuary as it gets.

Now go out there and buy 10 more jerseys. No one will judge you (just Bettman and his economists).

Oh yea, the tweet:

Go Sabres.


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