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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day


Gary Bettman: everyone’s hostess with the mostest.


gary bettman 300x206 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day


OK, 90’s jokes mercifully aside, let’s get on with further stupidity:

This gem was RT’d 628 freakin’ times (as of the writing of this post). Something tells me fans really care deeply about this NHL lockout Twinkie thing right now.

Of course, in a move that can only be described as a labor negotiation punch-in-the-face-line, NHL fans got this news:

The judge overseeing Hostess Brands Inc., while declining to approve the company’s liquidation, asked management and the bakers’ union to enter mediation today to resolve the strike that the maker of Twinkies and Wonder bread said forced it to shut.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain said yesterday at a hearing in White Plains, New York, that there are “serious questions as to the logic behind the decision to strike.” Hostess and the bakers’ union agreed to Drain’s request to enter confidential mediation under his supervision.

Well Bettman, it seems the free market values Twinkies more than your lockout right now. Mission: ACCOMPLISHED! By the time this thing is over, Bettman’s going to be that sad girl on stage covered in buckets of hemoglobin. THEY ARE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU, GARY. THEY ARE ALL GOING TO LAUGH AT YOU.

gary bettman1 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day

This post is getting creepy.

So… NHL lockout, Twinkies, bad movie analogies…

Did somebody say “first world problems?”


Play us the hell outta’ here, Meshuggah!


 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day


Go Sabres.



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No Football Sunday: Things to do!


OK, it’s just one thing to do.

But it’s glorious. Or not, depending on your cartoon generation. I’m pretty sure this is for the generation that happened just before Generation X, which pretty much started the whole “let’s name ALL the generations” bullcrap and such.

Whatever. Hit the link.

he man 01 No Football Sunday: Things to do!

He tries so hard for the institution.


Or we can watch the Concussed Ron Mexico Eagles vs. the Racist-skins. OR, curling on CBC (from the Wayne freaking Gretzky Sports Centre in Brantford, Ontariooooo)! So we do have more than one thing.

And yes, I do think the racist Redskins name is embarrassingly/smallpox blankets racist. Don’t agree? Punch my face in the comments section. Or not, because no one seems to ever care about this topic.

This post started out so light.

Good God, help us.

And help Chan use Spiller inside the 20.

Hey – maybe we can use this time to heal:



Yea, never gonna’ happen. Enjoy your Sunday… family time!


Go Sabres/Bills.


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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day


This is getting old.

What else is getting old? Analyzing this trade:

Not sure who is now currently winning that trade. I guess I’ll take broken bones over sticks and stones on my hockey team (whenever that hockey team exists again), so we’ll say the Sabres are still in the trade analysis lead.

We’re 60 days into this nightmare.

monkeys at typewriters 300x195 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day

Even one of these guys could get the negotiations done in 60 days.

Also: banana!

On to day 61.

Go Sabres.



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BREAKING: Bills Season Saved


I finally found this guy!!

TheOldCollegeTry 300x225 BREAKING: Bills Season Saved

“Push ‘em back, push ‘em back, waaaaaaay back!”


The Garfield lucky charm was lost when the Bills were once 5-1. You all know what happened after that.

Oh, Brady gonna’ get DESTROYED today.

Go Bills.

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#NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day (10-30-12)


It’s sad because it’s true:

Maybe RJ is using this time to prepare some legendary game calls. Who am I kidding? He’s probably out fishing with Jim Lorentz.


I’m sorry.

I said I’m sorry!

tear in beer 300x180 #NHL #Lockout Tweet of the Day (10 30 12)

Artist’s interpretation of the reading of the tweet.

So much sad. Good lord, this lockout is boring. Hmm. Brings up a random thought: I wonder what it sounds like when Jeanneret yawns? I bet he even makes his yawns pretty damn exciting.

Go Sabres.




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