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MAY DAY UPDATE: Brad May DID Kiss an Octopus. Sort of.


I always wanted confirmation that this really happened.

1. Brad May picks up an octopus with his stick

2. Brad May then kisses said stick

3. Brad May picks up likely the most iconic goal in Sabres history

Thanks to the wondrous social media that links us now – 20 years to the date – it’s finally confirmed. 747w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />


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How the Pominville Trade will Destroy Us All

There’s some hyperbole up there in that title.

Still, Pominville was the consummate core player – the most consistent player on the most inconsistent team. This is a team desperate to find consistency. The simple fact that it is willing to trade it away spells doom for the remaining vets on this team. (Or glory. Frankly, a trade to a contender isn’t such a horrible thing.)

Here’s the absolute certain future of most of our remaining vets:

Jochen Hecht – pretty sure he’ll actually survive this season, physically.

And will never be forgotten. Heccchchtptptpt

And will never be forgotten. #Heccchchtptptpt

Thomas Vanek – is all sad that he lost neighbors and stuff. But people get fired from jobs and have to leave Buffalo to look for employment all the freakin’ time, so he should still just consider himself lucky Kevin Lowe paid for his family’s mortgage (for the next 5 generations). If the “rebuild” happens as quickly as it did for the Blue Jackets, he may stick around. Or not. Dollars aside, we all know he deserves a legitimate shot at a Cup.

Ryan Miller – Dude is PISSED. He wants out. I’m pretty sure he’s run out of lovely buildings to take pictures of anyway. Good luck Millsie. Hope you’re not traded to a team that has to face Crosby in the playoffs next year.

Drew Stafford – amnesty buyout.

Ville Leino – will compete hard for Stafford’s amnesty buyout.

Gerbe – will reap the rewards of the aforementioned amnesty buyout. Or be cut.

All the rest – need a new coach/GM.

Should be fun.

Go Sabres.



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Darcy’s Deadline Moves: Why We DON’T Want Them

Leopold for a 2nd and a 5th/4th? And it was not even deadline day? Great value. From there, let’s examine the future of the Sabres’ GM…

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Let’s Make a Deal!

Time to blow some shit up.

lets make a 678w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

I’ll dress up like a banana if it helps to move Drew Stafford. It won’t. But I’m willing. Chances are, we’re all willing. IDEA: let’s all wear banana costumes to the next game.

Also, for the record: I’ll pay for Stafford’s bus ride out of town. Despite his goal in front of the net yesterday, he is all pond hockey here. He wants to be moved. He is playing like this, so that he will be moved. Or, he is playing like that because he wants to lose his career. Hmm.

Instead of the normal “let’s trade this guy for that guy” HFBoards/Twitter/WGR analysis, I’m going to do a simplified deadline day trade version. Welcome, everyone, to “Who would Scotty Trade?” (Spoiler alert: STAFFORD. Oh wait. Nevermind.)

The Sabres don't need a bag of pucks. But hey, they could toss them into the crowd or something. Make the deal! 350w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

“Trade him for a bag of pucks,” you say? The Sabres don’t need a bag of pucks. But hey, they could toss them into the crowd or something. Make the deal! Goodtimes.

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“Good. Bad. I’m the Guy with the Gun.”

It’s multiple choice.

A. Should we boo?

B. Should we hope for trades?

C. Should we demand that Regier is fired, and do we have the patience for a true rebuild?

D. Should we hope that we can string together a 5 game win streak to get close enough to the playoffs to then hopefully have a sniff at Lord Stanley?

E. All of the above.


If you answered D, you’ve failed this semester of Sabres hockey. Please return to Sabres University and try to pass again next term.

The answer is E:

We should boo… and hope (a little more on that later). This team is not terrible. It is talented – yet refuses to play to its abilities. This is not our long lost “Hardest Working Team in Hockey,” this is a nightmare. Unleash the boos and don’t hold back: at least someone in the building will be putting in 100%.

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