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Name that Sabre: and the Winner is…


Maybe next time we’ll make the contest a little bit easier for you.

With no one able to figure out which Buffalo Sabres player victim was pictured below, the prize for “future considerations” will be put back on the shelf for the next offseason contest. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 199px) 100vw, 199px" />

I really thought that calf gave it away. Oh well.


As promised, we’ll be reveling the name inside the Philly sandwich today (especially since I may have allowed myself to sample that six pack of Labatt in my fridge last night – hey, it was hot in my house).  With the reveal, we’ll give you a little history, too.

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The Legacy of Foligno: Marcus, not Mike


Just what are we in store for with Marcus Foligno?

According to the Sudbury News, we’re in for a real treat, on and off the ice.  The Suds News pitched an article/thank you letter  that compared him to his father, Mike (who played hard-nosed hockey for the Sabres from 1982-1991) and to his brother, Nick, who currently suits up for the Ottawa Senators. 450w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Fear the Foligno

From the Sudbury News, who covered Marcus’ career in the OHL:

It was generally thought the Wolves would have a new captain for the 2011-2012 season, but deep down, many fans were hoping Marcus Foligno would be back for one more year in Sudbury.

Those hopes were pretty well put to an end last week when Marcus signed a three-year entry level contract with the Buffalo Sabres.

That has many looking back and discussing Foligno’s legacy in the Nickel City.

His career in a Wolves uniform was not that much different from his dad, Mike, and brother, Nick. Mike was an offensive player from the start, Nick grew into a point-a-game player, while Marcus developed into the role of a power forward that we all saw in the youngest Foligno even before he played his first game in the OHL.

Leadership qualities were also evident. Both Mike and Marcus wore the captain’s “C” while Nick wore an “A” and probably would have had the “C” at some point if not for a player named Marc Staal.

What really set Marcus apart from most players was his determination. That was most evident this past season. He returned from the Sabres training camp last September with the goal of earning a spot on the World Junior team.

I admit to being a little shocked when it came up in my first interview with him when he returned to the team. I even remember asking myself if he was talking about Canada or the United States. After all he was born in Buffalo and had never really been on the Team Canada radar. But it soon became apparent that he was destined to wear the maple leaf on his chest, which he did with pride and with the support of not only Sudbury, but all of Canada.

The traits that made Marcus Foligno the great player we saw on the ice every night were also there off the ice. In fact, one of his biggest legacies as a member of the Sudbury Wolves just may be what he meant to this community. He never hesitated to get out of the rink and volunteer his time to a wide variety of causes and organizations. Whether it was visits to the hospital, food drives or just getting out to meet fans, Foligno took his community involvement role just as serious as his role as a hockey player. Having seen him on several occasions visit the Children’s Treatment Centre, it was obvious he has a soft spot for kids, and his work to help raise money for the diagnostic equipment fund will never be forgotten.

It hasn’t been an easy couple of years for Marcus. He had to deal with the elation of being drafted into the NHL followed just a few short weeks later by the death of his mother. That would be tough for anyone to handle, but almost unthinkable for a teenager. Luckily for Foligno, he has an amazing family to lean on, and it’s that family that has made him the person he is today.

In the end, when you think about Marcus Foligno, his legacy could simply be his last name and what it means to Sudbury now and for many years to come.
There is no question Marcus has done the Foligno name proud.

Stew Kernan is the radio and television voice of the Sudbury Wolves, and the news director at EZ Rock and Q92. This column appears every other week in Northern Life.


That is a word we normally associate with a player who has been around, for, well, his entire adult life.  In this case, we have ourselves a player who has been making a mark for two generations.

Thank you, to the Foligno family.

Thank you, Sudbury.

And now, bring is on, Marcus.

Go Sabres.

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The Worst Hockey Product Ever Created

Hockey purists, prepare to cringe.

For a mere $13.99, you too can be the proud owner of “Turd Burgler.”  It’s a small scoop that turns your hockey stick into a makeshift pooper scooper.

Oh, yes.  I could not possibly make this up.  Not surprisingly, the product comes out of the hockey-insane state of Minnesota (where fans with too much time beer on their hands apparently felt compelled to take the fine art of poo-flinging from our monkey cousins and take it to a whole new evolutionary level). 300w" sizes="(max-width: 445px) 100vw, 445px" />

Never has tape-to-tape passing been more important.

From their website:





Well, all those caps certainly have me convinced.  And so is Nanook:

Nanook from Nunavut, also weighed in with an exercise he likes to run his young ones through, dealing with mass quantities of moose dung. They are marshmallow sized and come in large piles and are abundant throughout his Province. He has the kids line up ten or so in a row about 6 inches apart. Then he has the kids rapid fire the nuggets at tree trunks for snap-shot practice. It give the kids “good hands” on the ice when they mature.

I don’t think any of his kids will grow up to be a goaltender. 376w" sizes="(max-width: 263px) 100vw, 263px" />

The once proud state.

This thing has been thoroughly product-tested, and comes with a set of disclaimers devious ideas for the kids:

  • Slap shots = SLOP shots. Wrist shots recommended
  • High Sticking = High Stinking
  • Do not splatter the fecal matter. Designate safe locations away from people and property for compost pile location or target/turd collection area
  • Some municipalities have restrictions of compost use and content. Call you city for direction
  • Using compost containing canine fecal matter on human consumables like vegetables can be hazardous to your health if food is not sufficiently washed.
  • Never shoot poop at people or pets
  • Never use the house, garage, storage shed or Dad’s car as a backstop
  • Always wash hands after touching poop
  • Always wash off Turd BurglarTM and targets after use
  • Never use the Kiddy Pool as a target or clean up site

Anyone else feeling concerned for the dogs and cats of Minnesota?

And oh, before you give us poop for writing about this thing, we’re actually late to the party – ESPN first “scooped” this story way back in 2006.  Always first in hockey coverage, those guys.

Go Sabres.

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BSN Contest: Name That Sabre!


How’s about a little game-show style history?

Today, we’ve got a special little challenge for you readers out there.  In the picture below, there is a former Buffalo Sabre slightly obscured being pulverized by Peter Zezel and Rick Tocchet.

Not the picture. Keep reading.


Your challenge is to analyze the photo, consult your deep Sabres fanaticism, and figure out who is inside that Broad Street Bully Bludgeon sandwich.

Leave your answers in the comments section below.

The first correct response receives “future considerations!”  In other words, the prize might be something great, or it might be nothing at all – it all depends on several determining factors my mood.

And now, contestants, here is your mystery Sabre: 199w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

At least one sock looks unscathed.

We’ll give you one hint: this hit occurred during the ’87-’88 season.  Now, go scour that old roster and give us your best shot!

Go Sabres.

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Brad Richards Update: Toronto, Rangers Still in Play

Dallas is saying goodbye to their star center.

Brad Richards’ agent, Pat Morris, gave the New York Daily News some details on Monday night:

“The Stars have not asked Brad to waive his no-trade clause, and at this point in time, he has no intention of doing so,” agent Pat Morris told the Daily News Monday night when informed that a source had said a move to the Toronto Maple Leafs could be completed by the end of this week. “We’re still pointing toward July 1.”

The Daily News goes on to say that the Leafs remain the team to beat in the Richards derby:

A source told The News Monday night that the Maple Leafs felt close enough to making such a deal that they already have plans in place for subsequent moves to clear salary-cap room for Richards, who made $7.8 million this season.

“It’s legit,” the source said. “Toronto is desperate for a star like this.”

The Rangers remain linked to Richards through their head coach, John Tortorella, who coached Richards in Tampa.  The Lightning, whom Richards won a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe trophy with back in 2004, are also in the speculative market. 340w" sizes="(max-width: 281px) 100vw, 281px" />

Next stop: Toronto?

Meanwhile, Mark Stepneski of ESPN reports that while the Stars are out of the running to retain their star center, GM Joe Nieuwendyk has a plan B already in place:

One of the priorities for 2011-12 is a top six forward with it becoming clear now that Richards will hit the free agent market and will not be back with the team. Nieuwendyk said that top six forward might come through a trade rather than overspending on one in free agency.

“I think we need a top 6 forward with Brad obviously moving on,” Nieuwendyk said. “Jamie [Benn] shifting to center is a very likely scenario. It’s not 100 percent set in stone yet. If you’ve Benner and Loui [Eriksson] and you’ve got [Mike Ribeiro] and Brenden [Morrow], there’s your top two (lines)and you fill in around them.”

While adding Alex Goligoski at last season’s trade deadline was a major boost to the defense, Nieuwendyk said adding a top defenseman is a focus as well.

“We’d like to improve our defense for sure,” he said. “Again, it may be through trade.”

Depth is another priority. It’s an area that hurt the Stars last season and something that has paid dividends for teams that have gone deep in the playoffs.

That might seem like a lot of work for the Stars, but it shows what kind of impact a big contract like Richards’ can have on a team. With his $7.8 million off the books, Nieuwendyk suddenly has the ability to change the complexion and depth of his entire roster.  Any team that takes on Richards is going to lose much of their wiggle-room for a long time, a problem that Buffalo Sabres Nation has touched on before.

Still, some team out there will think Richards is worth the riches.

Go Sabres.

See also: “Target: Brad Richards.


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