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July 1st Live Chat: Join Us!

Cue up the Khachaturian!

We’re charging head-first into the free agent pool this summer at Buffalo Sabres Nation. I will taking part in a live web chat, “2011 Free Agent-A-Thon,” hosted by the guys over at “The Gooses Roost.

A link to the event can be found here. 346w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

We're changing our name for a day.

The Roost is “working on integrating the essential Twitter feeds into the chat, so hopefully this can be a one-stop shop for Sabres fans.” In other words, Twitter feeds are going to be blowing up as each signing is announced. This live chat will feature Sabres bloggers that most of us follow, and should be much easier on the eyes (and brain) during the frenzy.

If you are already a veteran of this annual event, well, welcome back!

We're stretched and ready. Let's do this thing.

Again, like I said in my last post, no matter what happens on July 1st, we’re all in this together come October 7.

Good luck, Darcy.

Go Sabres.

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July 1st Relief Efforts in Full Swing

We’re just two days away from the craziest hockey show on earth.

The circus that is the July 1st spending frenzy is upon us, as fans on Twitter have vented their anxiety by arguing over if the Sabres should pursue Brad Richards, which defensemen they should target, what trade(s) would be made “if I were in charge,” with a smattering of panic in-between all of this as UFA’s randomly choose to resign with their teams. (Thanks for nothing, Bieksa.)

During the aching hours days that Sabres fans recently went through with Robyn Regehr, at least we’re mentally prepared for whatever happens. During the Regehr Twitter-a-thon, a few of us decided to break from the conversation altogether and instead make up some pretty hilarious “where are they now” wise-cracks about former (and current) Sabres players and staff.

Also known as "Where be they at?" to younger generations.

The crew over at “Dear God Why Us Sports” was kind enough to save up all of those tweets and compile them into a post, which can be found here. Tip-o-the-sunglasses to “The Scizz,” who authored this masterpiece.

“Scizz” is a part of a sometimes irreverent but always relevant team of Buffalo Sports writers that includes “The Apologist,” “The Yachtsman,” “The Barrister,” and “Megsie.” Check ’em out, and look them up on Twitter – and be prepared for a hearty dose of shtick to go with some real up-to-the-moment Sabres and other Buffalo sports news and musings. 300w" sizes="(max-width: 521px) 100vw, 521px" />

My personal fav, so far.

If you enjoyed the “Where are They Now” post, then get ready, because Scizz has told us that Part 2 is on the way. I’m not sure exactly how far we can take this, but with moments like this in Buffalo Sabres history, something tells me a trilogy could be in the works here.

And a prequel.

Sports fans, remember, no matter what happens on July 1st, we’re all in this together come October 7. Try to relax, and remember, we’re here to help.

Now let us all join virtual hands, and pray that Ray Emery lands somewhere in the Eastern Conference, so that Marty Biron might have his vengeance.

Go Sabres.

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It feels like the entire city of Buffalo partook in liquid lunches today.

By noon, the hash-tag #BradRichardsToBuffalo was officially trending in the Queen City on Twitter. Jeremy White (of WGR55) got the uppity Richards dreamers in town even uppitier when he launched the hash tag trend in the early morn. 150w, 367w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

He's cute, yes. But never, never trust him. "Google before you tweet" is the new "go to the library and check the World Book Encyclopedia, which you have to make Xeroxes of, since it's 'Reference Only.'" At least it is to us old folks that remember card catalogs.

If this proves anything, it proves even further how passionate the Sabres fan base is about their boys in Blue and Gold (and the boys they want to put into Blue and Gold uniforms). Beyond that, it proves that a lot of us have nothing better to do with our time at our work desks than to spam and troll the Twitter account of the player we (or some of we) want the most on July 1st.

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Sabres’ Third Pick, Colin Jacobs: Yet Another Steal

“Oh! Someone call a cop! This guy just robbed eeEEEeeverybody!”

When Darcy Regier plucked Colin Jacobs in the 4th round, I could hear Rick Jeanneret screaming that in the back of my head.

Just like Armia and Catenacci before him, Jacobs went through a profound draft day slide. It was another no-brainer pick for Darcy and his staff. To put it into perspective: “The Hockey News” had Jacobs as their 45th overall best prospect. The venerable International Scouting Services ranked him 26th overall. The Sabres picked him with the 107th selection.

It’s not just about those numbers, either. The Dallas Morning News’ “HS Game Time” had some great things to say about this kid in an article posted back on December 26 of 2010:

Jacobs played two games for the T-Birds closing out the 2008-09 season then moved to the Seattle area for ’09-10. Playing on a young team, he collected 13 goals and 26 points in 72 games. Short of this season’s midpoint, he already has more goals and points (15 and 28). He notched his first WHL hat trick a few weeks ago, and a backhanded goal that he scored while facing away from the net is a Youtube favorite.

T-Birds coach Rob Sumner said he emphasized putting pucks on the net however possible that night.

“I guess that was a little bit of a reward for following the game plan closely,” Sumner said. “He’s had more discipline in his game this year. He’s taken a huge step in understanding the defensive aspect of the game. I think he’s going to be a physical, aggressive player, but I think there’s a time and place for that.”

Draft prognosticators tab him as a second-round pick in next summer’s NHL draft with an outside chance of going in the first round. 600w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

The third member of the Draft Day Heist.

As for the rest of his game, well, you can find all the information you need and more by heading on over to Perhaps the best part of Kevin Baker’s write-up there is actually where he has him placed on the Prospect Depth Chart – 3rd overall at the center position, behind only Dan Catenacci and Kevin Sundher.

At 6-2 and 204 pounds, Jacobs is that big, powerful, talented center that Sabres fans were hoping for in the 1st round.

They just had to wait an extra day, and a few more rounds.

Who says Darcy can’t draft?

Go Sabres.

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An amazing offseason for Buffalo sports fans

No matter how old you are, if you follow the Sabres or Bills, you’ve had your share of heartache. Sure, there was  Wide Right, No Goal and the Music City Miracle, but I’m speaking more about organizational issues.

Mismanagement is the worst thing to see as a fan, and sometimes it seems so obvious what the franchise needs to do when playing armchair quarterback. I equate it to your place of work – if the people in charge are doing a shoddy job of management or are just in it for the almighty dollar, it’s very hard to do your best work or even care very much.

Yes, as Buffalo sports fans, we’ve put up with a lot. That’s why it’s so insanely great to see the turnaround by the Sabres in such a short time. Recently on BSN, Scott detailed the many changes Terry Pegula was able to affect in a very short time.

On top of those changes, over the past several days we’ve had even more reasons to believe in Hockey Heaven and and an eventual Stanley Cup. The Sabres landed their first big-name free agent in Robyn Regehr – a guy who any hard-nosed hockey fan would love to have in their lineup. Regher is just the first piece of the puzzle and there’s much more to come, but this signing goes a long way towards proving to any non-believing fans out there. That is, if there were any doubters left.  This Regehr deal is huge because he’s the first domino towards getting other free agents to come to Buffalo.

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