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Do you want to be seen by masses of raving Buffalo Sabres fans who are so worked up into a froth over the amazing start to the Terry Pegula era that they will visit your site and buy anything you want them to?

Well, we can’t actually guarantee that, but we do think that it’d be really spiffy if you advertised with us. Your ad would be seen by a growing number of Sabres fans. Your affiliation with us would make them think, “Hey, they must be Sabres fans too! I’ll visit their site and see what they have to offer.” Ok, again, we cannot verify this, but it’s a much more likely scenario than the first.

Advertise with us. It would be cool if you did.

Our prices are a low $10/month for a square 125×125 pixel banner or 6 months for $50. Or contact us for alternate advertising ideas!

(We can supply site traffic upon request)

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