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How in the name of ye olde hockey gods did we actually beat the San Jose Sharks last night/this morning?

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Advanced statistics and analytics could probably tell us a whole lot about that crazy game last night, and how the Sabres Human Centipede impacted Joe Thornton’s game. Or not.

Sometimes, it’s best just to breathe in and enjoy the hockey.

There is no way that any of us, fan or media, expected that outcome of last night’s game – myself included:


Hey, in all fairness, that was a pretty solid metaphor to sum up most of the pregame chum we were getting fed. It’s surprising in itself that any of us had the intestinal fortitude to stay up late and watch what was supposed to be an absolute gutting in San Jose.

Instead, we got the best hockey game we’ve seen in… I don’t know how long, but I am assuming at least a year. The Sabres were skating, they were hitting, they were putting pucks on net, passing pucks tape to tape, forechecking, backchecking, and scoring goals. We had resurgent veterans, rookies playing like veterans, the team gaining and surrendering leads, an OT that saw the refs and replay officials miss what was clearly a Sharks’ score, and one heroic shootout effort by Ryan Miller, capped off by a winning goal by Cody Hodgson. Oh, did I mention Drew Stafford going to the net and racking up the points?

This is the type of game I was expecting at the beginning of this season. I didn’t expect a whole lot of them, but I entered this year with zero expectations and the simple hope of some good hockey games with a good mix of some of the entertaining aspects listed in that previous paragraph. I’ve been looking forward to moments of bliss during the rebuild. Right now, my hockey heart overfloweth. I’ll be checking back with all the analytics and stats later. For now, let’s just enjoy hockey pucks today.

This was one to remember. This is one of those games a young team will use to stamp its new identity. Circle the date on your calendar. Let’s see how it goes from here on out.

Again, we aren’t going to win a lot of games, but wasn’t that a heckuva good time last night(morning)?

Hockey was fun.

Let’s have more of that, soon.

Go Sabres.

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