Holding on.

The “r-word” has become the rebuild that has become massive, sweeping change.

Ruff, Pominville, and Vanek are gone. Ryan Miller is likely the next out the door. These are the big names that we held close to our hearts (and across our shoulders on nameplates) for many, many years. In their place, we’ve got something new – something that is in flux, something that shifts and changes faster than we can get a hold on it, something we’re looking forward to being a part of again in a year or two.

We’re new at this, and it’s not easy. We want to hold on to our guys. We aren’t very good at letting go (see: “FIRE DARCY” signs). Right now, we want to get a hold on our team for what it is, but we just can’t seem to figure it out what it is.

It’s hard to hold onto memories. And it’s hard to hold onto something you love so much when it is changing so fast – it’s as if we’re all trying to pick up our new toddler who keeps going “boneless” on us.

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Just try picking one of THESE up. You can’t.

Sometimes it’s just feels like were trying to hold onto water, and there’s not a thing we can do to keep it all from slipping through our fingers.

That weird nature of the rebuilding process is in some part our feeling of #suffering here in Buffalo. Nothing feels right. Everything is out of place. Players look sometimes lost, but many of them also look like they should still be attending high school. Fans are lost. They can’t find their way to the FNC, and when they are there, many just want to scream “FIRE DARCY,” rather than just sit back and enjoy hockey pucks for what they are.

But again, it sure is hard to enjoy something when you can’t get a grip on what the heck it is.

Recently, I lamented the point where I joined the crowds of sad, #suffering Sabres fans. I’m still there, but I’m also beginning to understand that while this doesn’t feel very good right now (it’s downright painful sometimes), it will be better later.

Go ahead and chant “FIRE DARCY” all you want, if that is what still makes you feel better. Still, it should make you feel better to know that the Vanek trade was something that Regier had been working on for a while, before – and during – all those chants. And he brought in quite a haul.

This team of ours is going to take shape again soon. They are going to be good again – very good, actually. We’ll begin to find new favorite players. We’re going to witness some new, incredible memories. I can’t say when it will all finally come together, but it will. We’ll have something we can hold onto again.

For now, maybe it’s better to quit the chants and stomach this whole #suffering thing a little better.

It might not feel right or make much sense to us now, but we can do a better job of recognizing what is happening. We can try to realize that the team we’re watching really isn’t here yet: it’s on its way.

Just hold on a little while longer.

Go Sabres.

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