Biron & Black & Red


So, Marty Biron retired.

I wasn’t the first person to have this thought…



…and until he is snapped up, I certainly won’t be the last.

Whether for future play by play or commentating duties, or for TV or the radio, the Sabres need to move quickly sign Biron to a broadcast deal.  It wouldn’t save this season, but it sure as heck would make this #insufferable year a lot more fun for Sabres fans right away – and a good dose of fun is something we all desperately need right now.

Speaking of fun:

Fellow Sabres blog 3rd Man In brought up a great idea for Lindy Ruff Night.

Still have your goathead of death jersey? Bring it out for Monday’s event. For more on that, click on the link above (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A FAN PROTEST, SO DON’T TRY TO RUIN IT WITH DUMB SIGNS). Meanwhile, enjoy this black and red moment – one of Marty’s finest.



Remember when Marty signed up to wear the #00, prompting Gary Bettman to ban players from wearing that number? If there is anything less fun than the Sabres, it will always be Bettman.

Go Sabres.