An Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres (Part IV)


Hey guys.

This is my fourth letter to you regarding this subject. I’m assuming you never received the previous three.

Honestly, it was just a joke the first time (well, mostly). But c’mon guys, you’ve only netted 13 goals in 10 games, while allowing 28. Your -15 goal differential is 2nd worst in the league – but don’t let that high ranking fool you. You should be dead last.

Anyway, like I said before (and before, and that other time before):

biscuit in the basket An Open Letter to the Buffalo Sabres (Part IV)

Biscuits GO IN HERE.

The thing is, you guys are better than you think you are. Well, I’m assuming you believe you’re pretty bad, since you can’t seem to start a game without getting steamrolled by the other team for 20 minutes.  If you can figure out how to play in the 1st period, your record could be dramatically different. Seriously.

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Maybe get a mirror and try some affirmations in the locker room.

You’ve also got a guy that can help you with the whole biscuits problem. Ron, I guess this part of the letter is aimed directly at you. You need to give Grigorenko some positive ice experiences out there – and by that I mean better linemates and prime offensive zone starts. Hey, it has worked pretty well for Sean Monahan over in Calgary – and he has gained a lot of confidence after his coach-enabled hot start.

Give Grigo a shot. Or, I dunno, you could just keep Ott on the top line because “grit” and #ToughToPlayAgainst and other things that don’t bury chances.

You can do this guys. Biscuits, baskets.

Good luck against Boston tonight.

Go Sabres.

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