The 22 Best Parts About That Sabres Game (10-2-13)

Some of these things may actually have to do with the outcome of the game, but most won’t. Why? Because hockey is fun, and I refuse all #suffering.

So, here we go:

1. A Message From The Hockey Gods

OMG WE’RE WINNING THE CUP THIS YEAR/getting screwed over as usual by Bettman and ye olde Puck Gods.

Either way, I took one for the team. Speaking of the team:


2. The Sabres Take Us To Detroit With Them

You’re probably on Twitter, so you likely noticed the very cool pics and vids the Sabres were posting in the hours leading up to the game. Some might take it as just a series of random tidbits, but for me, it really added to the spirit of “Invading the Joe.” Well done, Sabres.


 3. The Dominik Hasek Pregame Promo


It’s going to be impossible to get a ticket to the game wherein the Sabres finally get a chance to retire number 39. So, I propose this idea: all non season ticket holders get an invite to Season Ticket Holder Fight Club and try to beat the snot out of every single dude for tix. I’ve already started working out. Let’s do this.

Sorry, stupid idea. Fighting and hockey. What was I thinking?

 4. The Puck Drops

I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

Strong men also cry.”

It took only the first moment of the first game for The Big Lebowski to find its way into my 2013 narrative. Joy + joy. It’s all just joy happenin’ here so far, folks.

5. The World Is Still Happening Around Us, By The Way



Sometimes I just choose inane ways to remind you at about inane things at inopportune times. Sorry about that interruption (but hey the Sabres were kinda reeling at this point of the 1st period). EDIT: the Wings scored shortly after I entered this onto the list. #THANKSOBAMA

6. Darcy Is Still Here, So This Guy Is Still Here Too



Fake Darcy > Real Darcy.

7. The Sabres Go Down 2-0.

But Datsyuk just gave us all some long awaited hockey porn.



Try to contain yourselves. Jeez.


8. End Of 1st: Everyone In My Timeline Is Drinking/Demanding Trades

YES. Buffalo hockey is officially back.


9. The NHL Employs Children To Scoff At Head Injuries

I’m sure it was a cute spectacle, because, well, none of them got hurt?



Let’s not ever do this again, NHL.

10. The Rust Belt Rivalry

It doesn’t exist, but full credit to these guys for arguing about that big rivalry thing. Or maybe they were heated up about, I dunno, unemployment? Vacant housing? Murder rates?

Nah. Probably just “No Goal” or “Cups” or “Lidstroms” or “Co-captains.” Anyway, good job Sabres fans of Detroit. It’s not easy at all being the away fan of the losing team.



11. This Game’s Really Trending Now



You can have your humble pie and eat it too, or so it would appear.

12. The Red Wings Apparently Are Everything We Want To Be

Heck, even Jimmy Howard has leap-frogged Miller in terms of USA Olympic netminder consideration. We have a long way to go, but hey, if the city of Detroit can do it, so can the city of Buffalo. Right? #RustBeltLogic


Against… Detroit? 8:35 left in the 2nd. Goaltender interference call. Perfect start to a Buffalo Sabres season. Absolutely perfect. This has to be the turning point, Hockey Lore INSISTS it.

14. Miller Continues To Rewrite the Sabres’ Goaltending Record Books

Record or not, this stat is nifty:



15. Ott Leads By Example


That power play was all like, “WHO has the power play here??” Hashtag groan hashtag suffering hashtag fine Rolston for player selection.  

 16. The 3rd Period Begins

That put us one period closer to prime time football tomorrow night, so we got that going for us, which is nice.  

 17. Baseball Tweets Begin To Appear In My Timeline

Lots of negative stuff about Drew Stafford too, for some strange reason. #GOTOTHENETDREW  

 18. Not Much Going On, But This Is Important



 19. Vanek Hits The Post

A sign of life gets us all thinking, for a moment, that hey, this game is not over just yet.  


GUUUUUUUUUUUS. Heart and soul and meat and potatoes and HERE WE GO FOLKS… 7 minutes left. 2-1. Hearts suddenly a-beating again. Side note: it would be nice if the talking heads at NBC could’ve learned how to pronounce his name before the game. Not enough palms for my face.  


 21. The Young Sabres Begin to Calm Down

No surprise that the Blue and Gold was getting steamrolled for a while there. It was the response here in game one that was really important. That is where the growth and where the future lies for this team.  


 22. Miller Pulled

Sabres lose in dramatic fashion. Hockey remains fun.
I  have no idea what the bird poop meant at this point, but I think we’re going to be ok.

Go Sabres.


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