2013 Sabres Preview & Blogger Summit Recap

Oh the drama that was the Summer of 2013.

We said our goodbyes to Ryan Miller on the final game of last season (and Thomas Vanek), and continued to say goodbye to him (and Thomas Vanek) when he sold his townhouse, before the draft, after the draft, and are now preparing ourselves to say goodbye to him again (and Thomas Vanek) when this now incredibly young Sabres team is failing to find ground in the playoff race come the trade deadline.

Vanek Angry 2013 Sabres Preview & Blogger Summit Recap

You know you’ll miss his “Arrrgh I just hit the post” face. Or not. More on that down below.

And hey, we even tried to trade Drew Stafford, but that fell through, so… here we go again with another potential 30 goal season from that on again off mostly sniper. So our drama with him continues. Should be awesome. PROTIP: Go to the net, Drew.

Also, I was lucky enough to get the invite and find the time in my recent busy busy schedule to head down to the FNC to meet up with Craig Kanalley and a host of other fine Sabres bloggers for this year’s summit. A little more on that later. First, let’s talk expectations for 2013.


I encourage all of you to do what I am doing this season, and drop all expectations – both good and bad. The Sabres are not going to be a dominant force in the NHL this season. They’re talented – in fact, they’re incredibly deep with talent – but that depth is oh so young.

So, give the kids a break. We need Hodgson and Grigorenko to emerge as very good players this season, sure. Girgensons and Larsson and all those young studs are going to make us drool sometimes, but mainly over the future. Make no mistake however, if Ristolainen and Grigorenko figure it out this season, watch out. This could be a fun year after all. But really? Just relax, stay upbeat, and enjoy the show for what it is.

While you’re at it, give Vanek a break if you’re one of those fans who can’t get over his “discouraged face” nonsense. Just enjoy him dominate, for we may be parting ways soon. Same goes for Miller.  Enough with the “Mr. Softee” jokes. You’re not making anyone laugh with that old doozy anymore, you’re just making us all more sad. And here we go – give Stafford a break this season. He’s not going to make or break the 2013-14 playoff run. Cheer for the veterans, and let’s hope they put on some good shows for us. It is what it is, so have a beer and give a cheer. Or something like that.

Expectations: set them all to zero. Believe me, it’s a wonderful feeling.

Zero pressure.

Let’s have some fun.


The Summit

Really, there’s not much to report here, save one very important thing: the Sabres are listening to everything we say (some of the more, well, INSANE commentators on the Sabres’ Facebook posts excluded, obviously) and are very motivated to continue to be better – at everything.

Craig Kanalley (@CKanal on Twitter) was a Smart Thing addition in the offseason, and he puts his smarts to work, and puts them to work hard.

Plenty more comin’ up in a moment from the FNC.

I’m ready for everything and anything. Hope you all are too.

Go Sabres.

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