#HockeyIQ: 5 Fun New Talking Points for #Sabres Twitter

June 30th is not that far off.

Since we have 25 more days to wonder about who the Sabres will trade/select on draft day, here’s 5 fun new things you should be thinking about.

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This draft could be fun. As in we all get really angry and throw stuff at the TV.

Or not – we can all keep talking about MacKinnon and Drouin. ENDLESSLY.


1. Seth Jones

Why are we not talking about this guy? MacKinnon and Drouin are the sexy picks, naturally. Everybody wants a franchise center or winger that will dazzle us on the ice. But our defense is a mess, and in any rebuilding project, short or long term, defense should come first if the talent is available.

With Jones, the Sabres would gain a generational foundation for their defense, and heck, he’d even take a lot of the heat off Tyler Myers. If Jones and the Sabres happen, I’d be happy, but I have a feeling the vast majority of those reading this would be vastly disappointed.

Either way, a “cross between Shea Weber and Scott Neidermayer” is worth talking about.


2. The Russian/Euro Factor


Grigorenko. Girgensons. Armia. Larsson, Ullmark, Makarov – the Sabres prospect pool has already evolved away from Regier’s old NCAA/North American model and has moved into a more balanced mix of nationalities. But is Buffalo ready for more?

If the Sabres trade up, it would likely take too much to get into the top three.

But they could easily move up to nab Nichushkin.  And if they do, are fans ready for a new enigma on a top line? Heck, are we even ready for a Russian/Euro team? Brave new locker room, folks. Brace yourselves. Our blue collar town is a very plausible landing spot for the equivalent of a Russian Eric Lindros.

Which might not be such a horrible thing.


3. Oh my God they drafted a goalie?!?


“We were interested, and we made some calls about that (moving up), but at the time we felt the price was just too high” – future Darcy Regier

Here’s another nightmare scenario for fans: unable to move up in the draft to kickstart this rebuild around a true franchise player, the Sabres use their 8th overall pick on the next best franchise player – on a goaltender.

Cue the screaming dog:



I like the idea of an Enroth-Hackett tandem in a post Ryan Miller era. But is either of these guys really good enough to steal games or playoff series? We don’t know yet, but I am not sold on the idea that Regier is ready to bet the future on this duo.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Zach Fucale.

You may hate this scenario. But Regier’s Sabres are a team that has found its way to Cup territory on the backs of elite goaltenders.


4. Did you hear about that gigantic beer garden at Canalside?


Still mad about the lockout? Or when the news of the Sabres’ ticket price hike arrived in mailboxes on fan appreciation day?

Either way, if this thing gets built with TVs, I may never buy a hockey ticket again.



5. A Briere buyout?


Word on the street (Twitter) sez that Danny Briere may be bought out in Philly (or traded to another team who would then buy him out).

It’s a sad state of affairs for our former diminutive hero who followed Martin Biron to the Flyers where they thought they would find greener pastures. For a while, they did find success, but no Cups later Marty is a Ranger and Briere is inching closer to retirement.

With Drury already retired from the pro game, the end of Briere’s career may finally bring closure to Sabres fans for the horror that was July 1, 2007.

Or not. Norwood type stuff like this tends to hang around town for a looooong time.



Now get on over to that water cooler (Twitter) and use these talking points. You’ll seem smarter and Ted Black will be proud ( #HockeyIQ).


Go Sabres.


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