Enroth “Absolutely” Ready for Starting Gig

We already know what the MSM and bloggers think about Enroth’s ability to take over the starting role between the pipes in what could soon be a post-Ryan Miller era. He’s earned a shot.

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Time to get him on the ice?

But what about his peers?

Here’s what Linus Ullmark (Sabres netminding prospect) had to say for Svenskafans.com:

 If Miller leaves, Enroth is ready to take over the place as first choice goalkeeper?

Absolutely, it’s just to watch his games in the World Cup. He was awesome! It was a little tentative at first, but it was a little off inexperienced, but then he was great in the playoffs and that’s where you should be at your best. What are his strengths is that he sticks to his game plan. You can see that he has a clear plan on how he will do in every situation, and it has the security, you can take these lightweight pucks without taking in so to speak. I think that is his strength.

(Translation via Google Chrome. Click the link for plenty more on Ullmark and the Sabres.)

You could take this with a grain of salt – one player’s praise for another is not all that uncommon – but I like how Ullmark answered this question. He could have easily said something like “He’s put in a lot of work, and if the situation presents himself, I think that he could definitely excel in the NHL in that role.” But there are no grey areas in his remarks. For Ullmark, Enroth is simply “absolutely” ready.

We’ll see if the Sabres absolutely need him in that role next.

Go Sabres.

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