#RR Crossing

Chugga chugga.

The Sabres removed the interim stamp from Ron Rolston’s head coaching position today. For fans, it kinda feels like the same old Sabres train just keeps chugging along. We had Lindy Ruff for 16 years, so why expect any outside-the-box/arena thinking on the hiring of a coach for the rebuild?

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The lights just keep on flashing. Mine as well put the car in park, and turn it off.

Everyone needs to take a breath. #RR isn’t a train, and we’re all not actually frozen in line, railfanning the days away while other teams find other routes and shortcuts to the Cup.

What we really do have here is a new coach. He’s particularly good with young talent. In general, most (if not all) coaches are good with young talent. But he’s supposed to be better than the rest of ’em, and that makes sense for a rebuild.

As for his performance as an interim this past season, well, let’s return to metaphor-form: he basically stepped in front of a speeding, out of control train. He didn’t let it run him over. He didn’t really save it, either. It’s still a thing without brakes, speeding along, and we still can’t see where it will end. But he did fix a few things, in the small sample size that was his brief time behind the controls.

Patience is a lot to ask of anyone stuck in a long line of cars behind lowered train signal bars. Especially in the dog days of Spring and Summer. But that’s where we’re at.

We’ve got a new coach, who comes with the right instincts for a rebuild, and also some modest success in a small sample size.

That’s just going to have to be good enough before next season.

We’ll see if he can raise the bar then.

Go Sabres.

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