Darcy’s Deadline Moves: Why We DON’T Want Them

Leopold for a 2nd and a 5th/4th? And it was not even deadline day? Great value. From there, let’s examine the future of the Sabres’ GM…

The question is this: how much do we want Darcy to do?

Well, he is the architect of this roster (a roster which still has a shot to go down as the worst Sabres team ever, unless they reach 17 wins). We’ve suffered with this lineup and the “desperate playoff pushes” for years now. We’re mediocre. We are not staffed correctly. We can’t enjoy a simple 60 minute effort. We don’t have enough talent. The list goes on.


Do we want Darcy to shape our team at the deadline? Love him or hate him, Darcy may shape our future hockey team very, very soon.

The Sabres should have been looking at a new GM when they cut the cord with Ruff. They didn’t, and as a result, our future is on Darcy. I’d loathe the Sabres brass for allowing a GM to make decade-altering moves at this trade deadline, if only to then replace him with a new GM over the summer. One with a different vision. One who cleans out the locker room to start anew.

No one knows if the “reclusive” Pegula will fire Regier in the first place, but frankly, he should have already. But if he does fire Darcy, whatever GM that takes his place will either reap the rewards of the coming deadline move(s), or be totally screwed by them. It’s awkward front office management at its best (unless, of course, they hang onto Darcy for many more years, and I don’t feel anywhere near confident about that).

Keep an eye on the deadline this season – but not for the usual reasons. If the Sabres don’t make many moves, it may signify Regier is on his way out.

The new GM, if there is to be one, needs to shape this team.


Go Sabres.





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