“Good. Bad. I’m the Guy with the Gun.”

It’s multiple choice.

A. Should we boo?

B. Should we hope for trades?

C. Should we demand that Regier is fired, and do we have the patience for a true rebuild?

D. Should we hope that we can string together a 5 game win streak to get close enough to the playoffs to then hopefully have a sniff at Lord Stanley?

E. All of the above.


If you answered D, you’ve failed this semester of Sabres hockey. Please return to Sabres University and try to pass again next term.

The answer is E:

We should boo… and hope (a little more on that later). This team is not terrible. It is talented – yet refuses to play to its abilities. This is not our long lost “Hardest Working Team in Hockey,” this is a nightmare. Unleash the boos and don’t hold back: at least someone in the building will be putting in 100%.

Trades? Of course. We always hope for the betterment of our team. As far as Miller, Pominville, and Vanek go – well, they’ve been here with us for a while. Losing. We can lose without them, too: we can lose games and gain a killer team through the market, but first we have to be willing to kill our team.

That shotgun hurts.

Do we have the heart to truly face a blow-it-up-shotgun rebuild, to buy tickets while the team scrapes back? I don’t want to do that long rebuild. Neither do you.

Yet, here we are. Trying to scrape-back, into the playoffs, again.

I’d call that worse.

Pull the trade-trigger. Pull it a lot.

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“Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.”

Regier? Not a bad GM. Not a champion. He’s had his chance. His big Pegula signings are either gone (Boyes) or are about to be shipped out (Regehr, Leopold). Time to move on.

Should we hope? Yes. So long as there are games, enjoy them. There are darling moments in each one. Cherish every piece of it. And remember: we won’t have RJ forever.

There’s no correct choice, obviously, to this multiple choice test. It’s just yet another test of our patience as a fan base. How long are we willing to fill an arena that fails to send us home full and happy?

Either start a free buffet, Sabres, or make some moves. Give us something filling. Something real to chew on. Sticktaps to Miller, Vanek and Pommers for sticking around while Drury, Briere, Dumont, Grier, Campbell, Lydman, Tallinder, etc. moved on from what was once the hottest team in the NHL. Those names and those games are all long gone.

Get me some hot wings, dammit, because it sure doesn’t seem like this franchise is going to spice up our lives any time soon. Again: enjoy those moments. For your favorite player, they may be fleeting. The guns are loaded,who knows where they are aimed, and this should be our goal song:



Feelin’ kind of hurt, sittin’ in the dirt? Nah. We’re just waiting for that Big Trigger to be pulled.

Don’t be trigger shy, Pegula. There are big names on the market.

Big GM names.

Go Sabres.




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