Sabres GIFs: the #VanekSlapshot Explodes Rask


Last night was kinda fun.

Last night was really fun for Thomas Vanek, who notched his latest hat trick, continuing his remarkable early season run.




Fun stuff.


thomas vanek 300x217 Sabres GIFs: the #VanekSlapshot Explodes 350w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" />

Thanks for the hats! And the hats!

Oh, and here’s our GIF featuring the power of the #VanekSlapshot exploding Tuukka Rask right outta’ the net:


ikba Sabres GIFs: the #VanekSlapshot Explodes Rask


People do love a good explosion. Here’s a Hollywood version of Rask getting ‘sploded:


 Sabres GIFs: the #VanekSlapshot Explodes Rask

Go Sabres.





share save 171 16 Sabres GIFs: the #VanekSlapshot Explodes Rask

If anyone wants to tinker with that GIF and add a nice Death Star explosion on Rask, that would be fantastic.



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